I have a knitting blog now.

Everyone's doing it. I had to be a joiner.

Honestly, the real reason is that I've found that the only blogs I actually read regularly are knitblogs, and since knitting has started becoming an obsession, and since I'm now designing my own stuff…well, it was inevitable. I'll post pictures and patterns here, and that way I won't bog down the lovely Craftster quite so much.

I suppose an introduction is only polite, so here it is. I'm Kristen, and I'm a 27 year old knitter with three small kids and a splendid husband. I live in California, I write, and when I'm not doing something related to household drudgery or writing, I knit. I'm still learning a lot, but I'm having a great time, and I intend to go on knitting for a long time to come.


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