I’m mostly done with the back of Maude Louise, the jacket I’ve been designing. It’s the first thing I’ve designed from the ground up, and I’m a little nervous about it, because the math is tricky. But so far it appears to be going as planned, and I am so excited! Maude is being knit in Knitpicks Andean Silk, the Leaf color. My goodness, that stuff is so wonderful to work with. I wanted a fitted princess style jacket (hence the princess names). I had originally planned on making a ribbed waist, but as I actually got up to the project, ribbing sounded so very boring. Inspired by Eunny Jang’s twisted stitch sweater, but without Eunny’s talent, I decided to make my jacket with a twisted stitch lattice waist. The lattice wasn’t very difficult, and it looks a lot more interesting than ribbing, and was a lot more fun to knit. It’s nice when things work out as planned.

My camera is dead, which is very irritating. I’ve already uploaded a good number of knitting pictures, including one of Corinne, the summer project I finally finished last month, though, so at least I’ve got some material for future entries, until I get my silly picture taking machine fixed. I do hate that, though. It’s $90 to get the camera fixed, which is enough less than buying a new camera to make it worth my while, and enough more than buying a box of cookies to severely annoy me.

I’m mostly working on Christmas projects at the moment, and I’ve been asked to knit something for a silent auction, but I thought I’d devote the rest of this space to selfishly indulge in the knitting I would like to be doing for myself. Here’s a picture montage of some of the projects I’m planning for the future.


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