You have died of dysentery

Actually, I’m just sick. I know that people love to hear ailments described in great detail, so I’ll just cut to the chase and say that a combination of faulty immune system and weak lungs have combined to form Mecha Illness. The breathing, it is imperfect.

However, sick is a good time to work on knitting. Joy! Maude Louise is keeping me company in bed, except that I felt like writing, so I crawled down here to do so.

I have some good news that is pertinent to no one but myself, but since I mentioned it here, I’ll mention it again. Remember my three balls of Linen Drape? I found a use for them, and I don’t need to buy more. I’m going to adapt a corset pattern from Interweave Knits and use the Linen Drape for that. I think I’ll do the edging and straps in a deep orangey red cotton. Then I will have used up the Linen Drape and I’ll have a nice new top. It’s a win win situation.

Lying in bed makes my brain do weird things. I’ve now got an idea for an essay I want to work on about children and violence. I’ve long felt frustrated by the attitude prevalent in each new adult generation that the world is getting so much worse (eleventy one!) than it was in the days of that adult’s youth. Now, the idea is never going to change, and I know this. We experience childhood as children, and adulthood as adults, and never the twain shall meet, so it makes sense that in losing our own sense of security and having a broader view of the world, we come to the inevitable emotional conclusion that the world we used to live in has changed for the worse. That this isn’t true will never be a popular idea. However, I got to thinking about children’s literature from a bygone age, and how that literature reflects the idea that violence used to be viewed very differently than it is now. I’ve got a few ideas of examples in mind, but I won’t go into too much detail here since this ostensibly a knitting blog.

Eleanor is tugging at my pant leg, so I must go, but I hope that you haven’t really died of dysentery. Take care!


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