No, really – Zimmermania, here I come!

So I finished the gloves. Well, sort of. They’re done, and yet, somehow, I twisted the second one horribly, so that it can only be worn inside out. I wept when I finished it, I was so ashamed. It didn’t help that I was hating knitting it – I had no desire to frog and correct it. So it remains hideous, and that is how it shall be. Mr. Kninja is kind and says that he does not mind, because they will keep his hands warm and he will know I made them, but honestly, they’re shameful. If the camera hadn’t broken again, I would show you, because it would make people feel good about themselves and their abilities. There’s one perfectly respectable orange glove with a robot on the back and one hideous glove like thing with no robot. It’s all very sad.

But that means that I am done with that project and never, ever have to knit gloves with gussets again unless I want to. (And, as Lori sent me a link to a how-to video on Magic Loop, there may come a time when this is something I want to do. In the meantime, I would sooner plunge naked into the street yelling, “Goats! Goats!” Now try to get that visual out of your head.)

And that also means that I am free to start on The Sweater. Yes, the Seamless Hybrid will soon be on the needles! (I bought needles today, some size fours in 16 and 29 inches, respectively.) I’m stupid excited about this, even knowing that most of it will be mindless, mind-numbing stockinette. Having the exciting yoke to look forward to, as well as the pretty color to look at, will keep me plummeting ahead. Besides, it is possible to knit stockinette without actually looking at it, which will make it the perfect movie companion. I’ve rented a few movies from the library, so I think I’m good to go.

In other news, the mystery illness lingers. And lingers. I’m not so bad as to be totally out of commission, but I’m not so good as to be totally in commission, either. Ugh. Irritation reigns. I did not do much cleaning today, despite the fact that the apartment is practically crying out for it. I did, however, knit a few more inches on the front of Eleanor’s sweater. I am in love with that Rowan Yorkshire Tweed, although the 4 ply is very small, so it goes pretty slowly. Mr. Kninja occasionally walks by and looks at the Yorkshire Tweed and sighs longingly. It’s just that gorgeous. The sweater in question is fairly mindless, in that it’s largely stockinette with a set in sleeve (from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits for Little Cherubs), but it’s pretty. I’m going to embroider some flowers in the left front corner when it’s done.

My Rowanspun 4 ply arrived today! It’s drop dead gorgeous – all the online photographs do not come near to showing what the Turkish actually looks like. It remains a hideous color for me to wear, but that’s OK. It’s the exact color of my favorite purple crayon when I was a little girl: a light, intense, very girly purple. Only it’s tweed, so there are magenta and aqua flecks. I wasn’t a particularly girly child, but there was a soft spot in my heart for that purple crayon. (Not unlike some other youngsters.) I looked at that awesome purple, and it was clear that I had ordered it for Eleanor. Mr. Kninja said that he thinks a jacket with a hood would be nice. She’s still very small, so it’s possible that I have enough yarn for that. The yarn is very, very similar to the Yorkshire Tweed. And here’s where I brag in a most classless and gauche way: I paid a grand total of sixteen dollars and 55 cents for the lot, including shipping. See why my hand was forced? I mean, really, $1.65 a skein for a lovely pure Rowan wool tweed. There wasn’t a choice to make.

Take care, all. Hopefully we’ll all be clear of dysentery soon and I can give you updates on my actual progress in Zimmermania. And hopefully the tempermental camera will allow me to include visual updates as well. She is a fickle beast, that camera. Alas.


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  1. brad Says:

    it\’s just a cool design

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