The week from hell at least yields a penguin.

Which penguin, naturally, is not to be found now that the camera is working some of the time, and I figured I’d be able to post it. However, not wanting to put off posting until I can get new pictures, I decided to just go ahead and write something anyway.

My second son, Liam, is on the autism spectrum. It’s been a rough road in many respects, but he’s a bright and funny little guy, and he makes it all worth while. There’s far too much background to this to go into right now, but this past week he had a system overload the likes of which he’s never had and I’ve never seen. Liam’s on the mild end of the spectrum, so the behaviors he exihibited were especially startling and traumatic to me because he’s not expected to behave this way. He had a tantrum that culminated in smashing his head repeatedly against a brick wall. His eyes were shut for about an hour and he lay rigid on the floor, screaming. It was terrifying, and I still don’t know what brought it on, as it started while he was at school, and the only explanation the school had to offer was that he had to stop listening to a book on tape.

When Liam finally calmed down, I was still very shaken. He seems to have no memory of his fit and he went pretty much straight from screaming to being cheerful. I wasn’t recovered so easily as that, and I spent the rest of the day trying to coddle the boy in one respect or another. Therefore, when he expressed a wish to spend Halloween dressed as a penguin, I immediately grabbed a pair of circular needles and cast on. A few hours later, and we had a hat that looks a good deal like a penguin’s head.

The rest of the week wasn’t a whole heck of a lot better. Knitting wise, I’m doing pretty well. I finally figured out the styling I want for Maude Louise’s collar, button band, and sleeves, and work is begun upon the button band. I started the sleeve of Nora’s sweater and cast on for the Seamless Hybrid. But other than knitting wise, I’m not in the best of spirits. I’m still sick, now on antibiotics. I’m anxious about Liam. Mr. Kninja is working exceptionally long hours these two weeks, so his usual help can’t be counted on. I keep making commitments and more commitments. I don’t know how I can keep up with those commitments.

This isn’t very newsy about knitting tonight. I’m sorry for that. I did a lot of knitting this week, I was given a new knitting book, I got new ideas for knitting, but it’s hard to stay focused when I’m so stressed out about other things. Tomorrow is a frighteningly busy day and here I am again, up until one A.M. because I can’t order my time and can’t seem to finish anything unless I stay up late. Tonight it was the signs I promised for the Halloween carnival. I finished those, but I didn’t call most of the people I meant to call, and I forgot until now that I promised to deliver a donation for the carnival tomorrow. I have a window of about half an hour tomorrow when I can maybe pick it up if I remember to. That cuts out the time I was going to take to mail packages.

I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with this and I’m just creating further stress so I’ll end here. Apologies for the discombobulation.


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