Sneak preview

I’ve finally got pictures for you – so many, I’m going to be breaking them into two or three posts throughout the course of today. I wanted to show you the progress on Maude Louise.

Maude Louise seamed

Here she is all seamed up, sans sleeves, button bands, and collar. You can see a bit of the shaping, but it will be far more dramatic when worn. I’m hoping that the seed stitch texture at the top will create a point of interest and reinforce the shaping. I’ve nearly finished the button bands, which, after a bit of thought, are being knit separately in k1 p1 rib. That way they’ll stretch outward, and the stitch looks like ordinary stockinette, so it looks like an extension of the sweater. I’ve decided on an experimental shawl collar, very daring, since the neck is not V shaped. I have an idea, though, and I think it will work. If not, well, I’ll rip it.

And now the glamor shots.

I like how the waist looks a little like a textural argyle. It’s far more subtle than an argyle would be, but it does make me want to try a shaped pullover with an argyle waist. Wouldn’t that be interesting? This project has excited me the entire way through, and it just doesn’t get less exciting as I go along. It’s really something to make each decision based on my personal aesthetics, abilities, and interests. I look forward to designing more complex things in future.


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