Well, darn.

I finished the shawl collar on Maude Louise. It was a good lesson in why shawl collars are a terrible idea on crewneck jackets. My idea worked perfectly, but unfortunately, without a V, a shawl collar makes the collar pretty darn small. I don’t think the jacket will close all the way if I insist on going forward with the shawl collar as it is. The collar has also revealed my weaknesses as a seamstress, so altogether this was not my finest idea. Heck. I’ll take some pictures, because everyone deserves to look at mistakes. At least I now know how to make a shawl collar, should I wish to do so again. They seem to be very of the moment, at least to judge by the number viewed in the window at Brooks Brothers this weekend.

Also of note, regarding shawl collars: toughs of the Prohibition Era loved to wear them. No, really. See, this weekend I chose to watch The Public Enemy (1931) with James Cagney. Cagney played, of all things, a Prohibition Era tough. In one scene, he and his pal Matt, played by Edward Woods, are both wearing beautiful shawl collared cardigans, square ties, and fabulous looking slouch caps. I was unable to follow the scene well because those cardigans were fascinating. I don’t know what this says about the knitting obsession. Anyway, the movie was excellent, and I was intrigued at the possibility of shawl collars for men. I’ve only ever seen them for women.

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