Fair Isle Idyll

So it’s not even close to complicated, but isn’t that pretty? I would have preferred a rich red to the turquoise, but that’s the back edge of Gabriel’s self designed sweater, and he wanted turquoise. The blue heather is a very Gabriel sort of color. I enjoyed the cabled rib he chose for the edging, since the cables added a point of interest it wouldn’t otherwise have had. I have yet to start on the front of this one, but it should be a pretty quick knit, though sewing the ends in on intarsia drives me batty.

This is a closeup of the Yorkshire Tweed sweater I’m making for Eleanor. It’s one of those very simple, very classic patterns that is not in itself terribly exciting, but with a good yarn, it look stunning. The color got a little washed out in the bright sunlight, but the blue is a little darker than that, and the flecks are green and purple and oatmeal colored.

My weekly library trip got me two of Lucinda Guy‘s books to ogle and lust over. Her patterns fascinate me, because they’re so, so simple, but really brilliant as well. Nothing too hard to do, but the end result is always something that will be an heirloom. Mr. Kninja found himself enamoured of this blanket:

which features pretty sleeping birds. I’m making Liam’s bedspread (a patchwork quilt), but Mr. Kninja requested a change to the birds. I think I’d like to do both, honestly. I love the birds, too. Ms. Guy’s color sense is impeccable, a quality I have found lacking in many excellent knitting designers. One of my favorite pattern books for kids, Monkeysuits, contains a lot of gorgeous patterns, but I’m usually thinking, “Great! Now change all the colors and remove that collar and it’s perfect!” Lucinda Guy never stoops to using all pastels or all crayon box colors, but find unusual, attractive, and currently trendy combinations that she repeats throughout each section of her books. I usually think, “Wow. I want to make it exactly as it is pictured here,” which is not a thought that often occurs to me with other patterns, though Debbie Bliss has some like that as well.

As everyone and his cat now knows, the new Interweave Knits winter preview is now up, including Eunny Jang’s gorgeous Venezia Pullover. So back on the subject of Fair Isle idyll, I need to find an opportunity this January to knit that sweater, because hot damn! It is gorgeous!

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