Error message

The errors began when I cast on for Maude Louise and decided to use a wide rib for the bottom edge, which ruled out my original plan of a sort of rounded skirt like ruffle below the button band at the waist. That was fine, though, because I didn’t mind the new look, even if it was vastly different from my original sketch. I plunged ahead, learning as I went. And mostly, it’s all turned out as calculated. My math has been right (!) and the gods of alpaca, merino, and silk have smiled upon me.

So here’s where I’ve made two major blunders. One, the shawl collar I told you about. Here it is.

Doesn’t look too bad there, but the back is atrociously sewn, and though the front is, too, it doesn’t look quite so bad because of the stepped edge, which looks like a purposeful ruffle or something. Now, I’ve discovered that the collar will close, and if I re-sewed it, I think it could be saved. But even then – even well sewn – the collar itself is just ghastly with the rest of the jacket. I tried it on over and over again and stared into the mirror, and there is no way it will work. There’s a decided conflict, and I may end up just crocheting the edges with a little picot stitch and letting it go at that, because no collar I picture will look nice, not to mention that the edge already comes up pretty high without any collar. If you have any suggestions at all in regards to collar styles or really anything about the collar, please don’t hesitate to comment, because I really am going distracted about this.

Then there’s error number two. As I said, my original plan had been for the skirts of the jacket to fall away in sort of half circles below the button band, which was to go to the waist. The shape of the jacket changed, but I thought, “You know, it could still look good that way! I’ll make a short button band, and then it will fall open below, like a skirt. The drape will be nice.”

Yeah. Cute idea. Here’s what it looks like.

It looks like a cliff. That sharp edge sucks the grace right out of the garment. I need to soften the whole thing up. I tried some fancy solutions, including improving my crochet skills enough to put little flowers into the corners and then connecting them to the bottom edge via a web of crochet. It looked ghastly, and I ripped it out immediately. The fancy solutions were no good at all, so I’m going with a simple one. I’m going to cut the button bands back off the jacket and open them up again to continue the rest of the way down the edges, but the actual button holes will go no further than they do now. Not as elegant as originally planned, but it will do.

You’d think this would be more discouraging than it is, but I’m actually having a blast. When I was in art school, my very favorite drawing teacher gave us this advice: “When you make a mistake, it’s an opportunity. There are a lot of risks you simply won’t take on a drawing that is going well, because you don’t want to ruin it. Well, if you’ve already ruined your drawing, you have nothing left to lose. Make huge mistakes. Take those mistakes as far as they’ll go. Try out everything you were too scared to try.” I think it was some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and I’ve tried to apply it to all of my artistic endeavors. OK, so I made some mistakes. I tried things I haven’t tried before and I got in over my head. That’s OK. Now I know more about how to do those things the right way. Maybe I can find ways to use those mistakes in the future. It’s all an opportunity.


2 Responses to “Error message”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Longer button bands would be perfect. You wouldn’t necessarily have to button all the way down when you wear it, but the shorter bands are too harsh, like you said.

  2. Kristen Says:

    Yes, they really look wrong. Of course, the silliest part of the whole thing is that I knew they’d look wrong before I made them. I’ve seen bands that end early, and I hate the negative space they leave, but I somehow thought it might be different on my project. Ah well!

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