When you have a hammer

This weekend, I got word that my grandfather was in the hospital. He is my last remaining grandparent, and at 93, he is a remarkable man. He has not yet retired from his job. He is kind and gentle. He makes people feel at their ease and has the largest and worst supply of puns of any person I’ve met. And he’s not entirely well right now.

It’s at times like this that I find it difficult to be living so far away. I’m not terribly at ease with the telephone, and Grandpa is somewhat deaf. If I lived closer, I could make soup or help my mother in helping him, but as it is, I feel helpless at a distance.

So, for whatever reason, I knew I had to make him a scarf. I’m a little more than halfway done with the Ropes and Ladders scarf from Pieknits now. I used the yarn I’d bought for my hat. It’s the right colors, and there was exactly the right amount of yardage for the scarf, so it seemed like fate.

Why do I think a scarf will help? I don’t know, but he’ll know I’m thinking of him and that I love him. The colors of the scarf are very like those that he and my grandmother used when they redecorated the living room some years ago. My grandmother is the person who began my knitting education, nearly 20 years ago, when I was eight and squirrelly and couldn’t do more than a wobbly garter stitch that grew and grew as I accidentally added stitches to each side. I inherited most of her wool when she died and I know we all miss her terribly. Maybe, in some way, I can repay this gift she gave me by using it for her husband now.

Or maybe I just feel helpless and far away and I have a hammer, so the world is made of nails.

Grandpa is going home today. I love him, and I’m thinking of him, and I’ll be sending him a scarf in a few days. Get well.


One Response to “When you have a hammer”

  1. Old Knitter Says:

    How lucky your grandfather is to have such love from you. You express your emotion well and it’s understandable that you are worried. I hope and trust all will go well for him. His scarf is handsome and I know he’ll tear up when he sees it.

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