Gah! Stress! And candy.

First off, since I’ve been writing about him for a few days, I wanted to mention that my grandfather’s surgery went swimmingly. He is doing very well and will be home shortly. I’m glad, so glad. I am going to finish that scarf up and send it to him. I hope it keeps him cozy while he recuperates.

Second, remember the mystery illness of mystery? Once again, I was well for a few days after my course of antibiotics ended and now I’m ill again. I feel somewhat discouraged, but I’m just going to treat it as a virus now rather than risk another course of antibiotics. Perhaps a trip to the chiropractor will help. Or a lot of vitamin C. Or sleep, but that’s so unrealistic as to be laughable. No one with three small children sleeps, even when they have a lovely husband who gets them a copy of The Phantom Menace for use as a soporific. George Lucas, I salute you. No one has ever been able to make me sleep the way Jar Jar Binks does.

Halloween slipped by without mention in the flurry and worry of Grandpa’s illness. Liam chose not to wear his penguin hat, which is fine, since it will still get plenty of use on a more day to day basis. Fortunately, we have a giant box o’ costumes, which I think is a must for every household, really. He picked out some Harry Potter togs and all was well. Eleanor was supposed to be a lawyer, but at the last minute I couldn’t find her tweed coat or briefcase, so she had to wear the puppy costume I knitted for her last year. Fortunately, I made it very large and it still fit her this year. And Gabriel was a knight from a Lego set, though he was not a Lego. Just the character, because Lego now has characters, which I find strange. I am a very poor seamstress, but Google is my friend, and I found enough help to make up a sort of hooded thing in blue, as he wanted. Want to see?

The puppy looks enthusiastic, doesn’t she? Liam’s clipped hair makes me miss his curls, but he’s utterly thrilled with his look, so I can’t say much. Gabriel’s smile makes me laugh. He doesn’t pose naturally for pictures at this stage in his life, but you can’t say he isn’t sincere.

We got a fair amount of candy, and the kids ate three pieces before bed. Liam then proceeded to fall asleep face down on the bed before Daddy got home, and Nora passed out in the stroller before we even got back from trick or treating. Only Gabriel remained fully awake, building little robots in his room.

For comparisons sake, here is Nora last year and this year in the puppy costume.

That’s a lot more hair, that’s what that is.

I’m realizing that now that we’re actually in November, the holiday countdown has begun, and I’m not as far into any of my projects that are intended for presents as I’d like. Eeek! I guess my new goal is to finish something every week.


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