Sweeter than pie

I had a knitting crisis this weekend. I was thisclose to finishing the Christmas sweater I’m making for my daughter, and then – disaster – I ran out of yarn on the second sleeve when I was mere inches from the end. What to do? The Yorkshire tweed is only available in limited quantities now, and there’s no way I could match the dye lot, even after I tracked down some of the last few places that have Yorkshire tweed in Oceanic. I felt great pity for myself as I imagined frogging the sleeves and starting over in order to make both a great deal shorter.

But today – a miracle! For reasons unknown, I had stashed a small, leftover ball of the same yarn on one of my bookshelves. There’s just enough to finish the sleeve, do the collar, and have enough left for the embroidery. I’m rejoicing.

In other Christmas knit news, I’ve begun the front of Gabriel’s sweater, so I will hopefully have that done by the holiday. I’ve also gotten most of the way through a cap for my cousin, which is made from my frogged one skein wonder. I like the OSW pattern a lot, but I mismeasured my shoulders when I made it, so it’s been too tight to wear with any comfort. Now it gets to have a new life as an Amelia Earhart hat. I also started a cushion for my dad, in a weird combination of two black stash yarns. One is a boucle in a night sky colorway, and the other is a thin, tweedy black with weird sparkly strands of red and green, and little copper nubs. It’s make a very thick, very soft fabric that I hope he’ll like.

I’m about six inches into the torso of the Seamless Hybrid. Not much to look at now, but here it is, or rather, here it is a few inches ago.

Seamless Hybrid, take one

So, yeah, not a lot to see there. Move along, people, move along.

Hopefully the next post will contain a finished sweater!

Edited to add: Darn. Just after posting this, I went and started knitting again, and I was wrong. I’m going to run out of yarn. However, I don’t think the new dye lot will be much of a problem, because there’s just the top of one sleeve and a collar to do. I’ll keep you posted. I guess finishing the sweater is on hold until I get new yarn. Darn, darn, darn.


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