Thank you

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I’m not a religious person, but one doesn’t have to be religious to be intensely grateful, or to be a big fan of delicious viands, or to love gathering with loved ones to enjoy delicious viands while feeling intensely grateful. I know that the nonsense about the Pilgrims and Indians is romanticized to the point of being offensive, and I know that I find it uncomfortable when people make dinner into a cute little cartoon character that promotes its own demise, but I still love that we have a holiday about feeling thankful, and I love that it started with people who were grateful to have lived through a hard time together.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Since this is my knitting blog, though, I’m going to keep this on knitting, or at least I’m going to try to.

Thank you, Yarnzilla. Not only did you have three balls of Yorkshire Tweed 4 Ply in Oceanic (of which I purchased two), but you sent me a nice email when you shipped them. I love the personal touches in the knitting community. Nearly every time I have ever ordered yarn from anywhere on the internet, there has been a personal touch that goes a long way.

Thank you, knitters whose blogs have been indespensible to me as a source of wisdom, amusement, and learning. Thank you for sharing your stories, your patterns, your tribulations, your thoughts on life.

Thank you, knitters who have written to me. There is a real non competitive companionable feeling in knitting, and I’m so grateful to have been able to share your knitting experiences.

And thank you. It means a lot to be able to write and know that it is read. It adds to the companionable feeling of knitting. Thank you.


In my personal knitting news, I’ve cast on for two more items, which is, I know, ridiculous when you consider how many projects need finishing (but I’m close on most of those!). One is a capelet for my best friend for Christmas, and luckily, it is going fast. And then, yesterday, I got a new project that caused me to set aside everything else I’m working on for the moment. A friend asked me if I’d be willing to knit a hat, because the mother of a mutual friend of ours has a brain tumor and will be having her head shaved. Of course I’d be willing. I cast on for Shedir because it seems to me that anyone going through such a tough ordeal deserves the prettiest hat possible. Unfortunately, my fancy local yarn store was closed yesterday, so I was forced to return to Dick’s Center (snigger) and the fabric store there only carries Red Heart, Lion Brand, and Bernat. I got some Lion Brand Microspun, which, despite being 100% acrylic, is marvelously soft, and of course, washable, which seems to me essential in a hat worn on a bare head. The downside is that it’s a little heavier than the Rowan Calmer that the pattern calls for, but I’m hopeful that the extreme stretchiness of the pattern will keep it from becoming a giant hat that can’t be worn. I didn’t really see a good way to alter the pattern without ruining it. So I’m knitting and hoping for the best. The cables are twisted stitch, which is convenient, since you don’t need a cable needle for twisted stitch unless you’re going between a knit and a purl stitch. (If anyone knows how to go between a knit and a purl stitch in twisted stitch and NOT use a cable needle, please let me know. I love dispensing with the extra tool.)

I’m waiting on the new balls of Yorkshire Tweed to finish Eleanor’s holiday sweater, but they’re shipped, so hopefully I’ll be able to polish off the sleeve on the day they arrive. The sleeves will need to be blocked, but I can seam the shoulders and make the collar in the meantime. It’s remarkable how that wool softens up after blocking. I always gently wash my wool in conditioner when I block it, and that really softens it up marvelously. I don’t remember where I saw the tip, but I’d been using baby shampoo before then. Baby shampoo works well too, but I like the conditioner even better.

I’ve finished the front fair isle edge of Gabriel’s sweater, and am going to start on the intarsia shortly. Maude Louise is on hold while I finish gifts.

So that’s where the knitting stands. I’ll post a picture of Shedir when it’s done.


2 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Designer Knits Says:

    I agree about the sentiment behind Thanksgiving, it is a beautiful holiday.
    Good luck with Shedir, the cables scare me but your reasons for knitting it are heart-warming, er… head-warming.
    Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Kristen Says:

    Thank you very much, Irene! I hope you had a happy holiday!

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