See that? That is the first knit item I ever made for myself. It’s the camisole on the cover of Sarah Dallas’ book Vintage Knits. I fell hard for that photograph and had to have the cami for myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t scour the internet before I started. I might have noticed that many, many people were complaining about how the designs in that book all came out really, really big. Here’s the back of my camisole.

See where I gathered the edges up and sewed them to the back? And see how they bunch? Yeah, that’s a good look. Despite the fact that I used the yarn called for in the pattern and knit in gauge, the smallest size of this pattern came out to be a huge, huge, huge amount of material. I’ve been unsure about what to do with it ever since, but I’ve finally decided that having a garment I dislike is not worth it. I’ve been saving it, because it is the first item I ever knit for myself, but really, if I don’t wear it, or resent it when I do, it’s not a good thing. I’m going to unravel it and have the yarn for something new. It’s Rowan Cotton Glace, and if I unravel this, I’ll have about six skeins in this color. That’s enough for something very nice, indeed. So adieu to my cami of doom.

I finished Shedir, greatly modified on the top, this weekend, but I can’t show you, even though I took a picture. My camera is eating batteries again, and while it let me snap some pictures of the hat, it won’t yet disgorge them. I know we should get the camera fixed, but it’s hard to work up the enthusiasm when the camera works most of the time, and the fix is so expensive. Anyway, I got lost in the Shedir pattern somewhere along the way and couldn’t tell where, so I ended up improvising a top, and it actually came out very well. It is not the same as the original, but it’s still pretty, and it still forms a nice star shape. It was gratifying to work on a pattern that difficult and to realize that truly, it’s not so much difficult as complicated, and even the complications become second nature when you’re used to the shape of the pattern. Cables will not scare me again.

I’m still waiting on the yarn from Yarnzilla to finish the pretty little shaped top for Eleanor. I’m very eager to get it, since I’m so close to the end. I also made some progress on the Seamless Hybrid this weekend, but it really doesn’t look any more exciting than it did last time, so there would be no point in showing you, even if I could get pictures out of my camera.

It’s terrible, but I’m already thinking about what I will be doing next, this with Maude Louise, the Seamless Hybrid, Gabriel’s sweater, Eleanor’s sweater, several Christmas gifts, and a hat still on the needles. But still, I’m thinking about it. I’m restraining myself from buying some gorgeous black tweed and pale grey tweed to make a striped raglan for Mr. Kninja. I’m also gushingly imagining Eleanor’s Tomten jacket every time I pass my knitting cabinet and notice the purple tweed inside. I can’t wait to get the new Interweave Knits and I really want to make Eunny’s Venezia.

Speak of the knitting cabinet, it’s dead. May it rest in peace. It’s never been terribly sturdy – we got it for a song at Target and fancied we’d gotten a good deal, but the flimsy construction has proven its downfall – literally, as the front of the cabinet fell off and snapped the hinges today. I will miss it, and I’m not sure what to do with all my yarn now.

I have more yarn, but it’s through no fault of my own. My mother found more of my grandmother’s yarn and another of her spectacularly awesome vintage knitting booklets and passed them on to me. I have a large collection of these booklets, but unfortunately I can’t find the box I stored them in. I may post some of the patterns at a future date, as they’re all past the point of copyright.

Was this long enough for you? I apologize for the rambling. It’s good to be home, and it’s good to write. I hope you all had a lovely holiday.


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