I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season. It’s been a pretty nice time here at the Kninja home, replete with a fantastic haul of knitting accouterments to start the new year off right. Pictured above is an incredible mohair blend (78% mohair!) that arrived from Australia, along with two skeins of gorgeous and scrumptious Patons Jet (below) and some other excellent treats, including chocolate. It was a lovely surprise, and so thoughtful – one of the best gifts I’ve received in many a moon.

Of course, people generously added to my knitting library as well. My friend Christine, recipient of the yet-to-be-revealed arm warmers, gave me a copy of Mason Dixon Knitting (the book, not the blog), and I also received copies of EZ’s Knitters’ Almanac, Lucinda Guy’s And So to Bed, and Barbara Walker’s first volume of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, all from my father. Wowsa!

Finally, my mother gave me a huge box of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the colors pictured below. I often use Wool-Ease because it’s so cheap, washable, and for all that, fairly soft and warm. It’s great for kids’ clothing and many other things besides. I’m becoming more of a yarn snob than I was when I first started knitting, but I have yet to shun Lion Brand. It’s hard to argue with their blend of quality and affordability. I don’t even try. Look at these pretty colors!

In terms of holiday specifics, the Kninja family traveled down to Southern California, there to visit with my family and to make merry as only a family composed of atheists, Jews, and Catholics can. It was wonderful seeing the family again, and the kids loved it. We didn’t stay as long as we’d originally intended, opting instead to go home a little early and take the extra time to put away our new toys and take some much needed personal time to rest. I also whipped out my first post-holiday project, the following pair of slippers. Mr. Kninja disparages them as ugly, but I don’t care. My feet have been freezing, and they’re warm as can be.

They’re made of leftover Wool-Ease, as it happens, and worked approximately the same way I’d make a fast pair of booties, but on much larger needles. I do intend to make some prettier slippers, worked like socks and using twined knitting, but in the meantime, my feet are warm.

I’m rambling at this point, so I’ll conclude, and just mention that, in honor of a new year, I’ve been cleaning out my stash, so in the weeks to come, I’ll be offering yarn in exchange for pictures of knitting kninjas. I’m going to be changing the look of the blog before too long, and I’d love to feature drawings in the new look. Not all of the yarn is terribly fancy, and some of it is partially used, so this is just for fun. I promise, when I have an actual contest, I’ll give good prizes.

One final note – if you know me from web forums, you may have noticed that I’ve been scarce, or haven’t been answering emails. I’m sorry, and I will be back soon. I’m just taking a little time to deal with some personal matters at home. I promise, I’m not neglecting you.

Happy New Year, everyone, and happy knitting to you in the coming year.

3 Responses to “Gifted”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Fabulous yarn! I just bought a skein of wool-ease to try a project, and I think I may have to get more of it based on your reccomendation. By the way, it’s good to see you back.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    I love your slippers! They look toasty and comfy.

    I’ll be interested to see how the mohair knits up. I hope there’s enough there to make something faboo.

    Happy New Year, Kninjas!

  3. Stefany Forni Says:

    Thx for information.

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