I’m older than I’ve ever been and now I’m even older.

I turned 28 this past weekend.  So far, as an age, I am not impressed.  It’s my late twenties, but it doesn’t have the bang that 30 does.  I’m not feeling old or pressured or anxious, but I think 28 sounds sort of like the age someone who was anxious about 30 would lie and say she was.  It’s just an age that doesn’t commit.

Regardless of the commitment of 28, though, I got some lovely presents (with one more to come – Mr. Kninja’s present is supposed to arrive today!) including a yarn swift!!   A swift!  I’m so lucky!  I don’t have a ball winder yet, but I’ve been making center pull balls anyway, using the instructions I found here to do so.  It’s slow but oddly satisfying work to wind them by hand, but still, since they don’t turn out as pretty as those wound with a ball winder, I may try the tutorial over at Fig and Plum and wind yarn with an egg beater.  I have a fair amount of fingering and lace weight yarn – in fact, all the yarn that needs to be wound is lace weight or fingering weight – so winding it all by hand is a daunting prospect.  (I’ve wound two skeins so far.  That means I have only 32 skeins to go.)

My swift, sadly, arrived a little broken.  I considered making a stink about it, but in the end, knowing if I sent it back it would be tossed, even though it’s fixable, I decided to keep it and fix it myself.  I hate the idea of wasting an entire tool just because one strut is slightly cracked.  Still, I would advise anyone ordering from Joann.com to keep an eye on the state the merchandise is in when it arrives.  My swift appears to have been broken when it was packed, because it was well secured and covered in bubble wrap.  I don’t think it cracked on the way.

Anyway, birthday hijinks, mostly involving boring domestic stuff, ensued, and it was a nice weekend.  I’m not much of a party person, and I really like my own cooking, so rather than go out, I bought a lot of food at the Farmer’s Market, roasted a chicken, and we had a couple of friends over.  I’m a wild and crazy gal, I know.  Happy day older to all of you out there as well, and I hope life is treating you kindly.  And may you all be blessed with swifts.


3 Responses to “Older”

  1. Lori Says:

    Glad to hear you had a good birthday. I love winding center-pull balls by hand. I agree that there is something strangely satisfying about it.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I wish you a joyous and fulfilling year, Kristen! May it bring plenty of time to knit and design, and many good things for your whole family. I think I share your sentiments about 28, although I don’t get there until July – 27 felt like a very adult age and I still haven’t gotten used to having reached it. Alas for your poor broken swift, and I’m glad you’re going to fix it.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    I had to google swift as I didn’t know what one is. Now I know that I acted as a human swift for my mum many times as a child. I used to love sitting there opposite her watching her wind her skeins of handspun wool and chatting about stuff.

    Happy birthday, Kristen. Thanks you for your blog – and for reminding me of my days as a human swift.

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