For Knitters’ Eyes Only

If only I could add a sound file ala Arrested Development, and then I’d be totally happy.  Mr. Kninja, beware.  If you are reading this, cease and desist.  Go no further.  Look over there – it’s Cheesus!

Is he gone?  Good.  I wanted to talk about an upcoming secret project that he musn’t know about.  Ever since I finished Eleanor’s little sweater, he’s been openly moping about how he should have bought more Yorkshire tweed so I could have made a sweater for him out of it.  He loves the texture and the drape, and he’s just been terribly envious about it.

I didn’t buy a pack of Yorkshire tweed, but I did buy two packs of Rowanspun 4 ply in Sludge and Squirrel, more than enough to make him an attractive striped raglan.  The Sludge is a dark brownish grey with flecks of brown and dark green, and the Squirrel is an almost white grey with flecks of white throughout.  They’re really gorgeous.

So I’m hoping to finish up the seamless hybrid soon (remember the seamless hybrid?) and begin work on the secret raglan.  I’m going to try to knit that one from the top down.

In other knitting news, my birthday present finally arrived yesterday.  It’s enough Andean Treasure to make Calista Yoo’s McQueen Knockoff, a pattern I’ve admired prodigiously from the first day I saw it. I wanted to make it in Embers, and that’s just the color Mr. Kninja bought for me!  Yay!

I don’t yet see the point in showing you pictures of the seamless hybrid, as it remains a big stockinette tube, but I did finish the main part of the torso and have begun a sleeve.  I feel very slow on this one, since I’m seeing so many finished hybrids out in blogland, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.  I’m concentrating only on finishing the hybrid and Gabriel’s hawk sweater now, and then I can take on some projects that interest me more and also can set intarsia behind me for a long, long time.  So very sick of intarsia.


2 Responses to “For Knitters’ Eyes Only”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Oh, gorgeous, Kristen!! Isn’t it frustrating to have a project you really want to start, but to feel you have to finish the ones you’ve got going before you can start it?

    I am infinitely jealous of you yarn from Daniel. He deserves his tweed striped jersey just for getting you that!

  2. Lori Says:

    The McQueen Knockoff is gorgeous. It’ll look great on you.

    Just as a FYI, Joanns is having one of their 50% off one item sales, so if you are looking for a ball winder (and trust them not to break it), it could be a good time to look for one.

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