This isn’t right.  Seriously, something is very wrong here.  It’s been in the thirties and forties for nearly two weeks now, and while those of you from colder climes are no doubt mocking me at this very moment, this is COLD for San Jose.  And while it’s not as cold as elsewhere in the country, it’s too cold for my wardrobe, or for my apartment’s furnace.  This was when I had the opportunity to discover that all my “winter” clothes are made of cotton, or cotton blends, which, frankly, just isn’t doing it.

So I’m cold all the time, expect for when I lower myself into a steaming hot tub of water, and then I face the dread of getting back out.  You’d think I’d have plenty of hats and mittens and scarves, but most of my efforts along those lines have been for other people, and while Maude Louise is warm, she still needs new buttons, and she can’t fight the cold all alone.  So I’m putting aside the seamless hybrid and the hawk sweater for a couple of days, and I’m going to make another Shedir, because a pretty hat I can wear every day seems like a good investment.

I went down to the local yarn store that it’s taken me until now to discover.  I’ve been going to the Rug and Yarn Hut in Campbell for ages, and while it’s a good store, the hours are a little odd, and they mostly have tons and tons of Cascade 220, which is good stuff, but not perfect for everything.  This other store is called Knitting Arts, and it’s in Saratoga, which isn’t too far from me at all.  It’s got pretty much everything my covetous little heart could desire, and it’s cozy, lovely, and has a play corner for children(!).   The only downside is that they seem to sell their products slightly above list price, which I guess is what happens when a knitting store is located in a high rent primo locale.  I bought myself a ball of Rowan Felted Tweed and paid $10 for it.

May I just say that, even without having knit a stitch yet, that Felted Tweed is about the best stuff I’ve ever seen?  It’s so…smooth isn’t quite the right word, but it is smooth.  It’s just lovely, and the colors are magnificent.  I dawdled a little over them, tempted by Ginger, Bilberry, Watery, and Treacle, but I ultimately settled on Cocoa, because I want to wear this hat every day while it’s cold, and that brown is so cozy and goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe, while the other colors would be a little harder to match.

So I’m going to be knitting away today, and then, maybe, I’ll get a chance to make some of Sarah’s Axel Mitts to keep my fingers toasty.  And then, maybe, this cold weather will go away, and we can go back to being California.


One Response to “Brrrrrrrrrr”

  1. Lori Says:

    I’m not laughing at you. After six years in Michigan, I swear I get colder and colder each winter, even though the winters themselves aren’t getting any colder. 30 degrees is no fun. I stopped the sweater I was knitting over the weekend to make a pair of mitts, and I’ve been wearing 2 or 3 pairs of socks in the house. I hate the cold.

    There was a yarn store in Ann Arbor that had a play corner, and I greatly appreciated it. I’m surprised more stores of all kinds don’t think of it.

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