Lots of progress, not much to show

I may add pictures to this post anyway, just for interest’s sake, but there’s not a lot to see. I’ve got one sleeve ready to attach to the seamless hybrid, a half finished hand towel in Linen Drape, and a half finished purple slipper that I’m making for a friend.

I’ve also begun writing up a pattern for Maude Louise. Being the first long and complicated pattern I’ve ever written, and thus possibly error ridden, I’m going to be posting it as a free pattern, with corrections to follow as needed. I hope it comes in handy to someone!

In case I’m scarce for a bit, without going into a lot of detail, I’ve got a lot of unpleasant personal stuff to deal with at the moment, and I may not be posting in great profusion, even if I’m knitting a fair amount. Apologies in advance. Nothing to worry too much about, but I haven’t been feeling a lot like writing.

I look forward to perusing other people’s blogs in the meantime – take care!


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