It’s like I’m stalking it in the wild!

Today is a grey, overcast, rainy day. I’ve got some sort of sinus thing starting up, and the kids are full of energy. I’ve got homework to do, a house to clean, and little motivation to do any of it. So I’m here, writing about knitting instead.

Since I haven’t anything finished to show you, I took pictures of the things I’m working on. And since it is a grey, overcast, rainy day, my living room is dark, and even with all the lights turned all the way on, there was no way to get a decent shot of anything. Not even Photoshop could save these turkeys. So you’ve basically got mugshots of partially knitted items, stunned by the flash. My poor hand towel sits innocently by, doing whatever it is hand towels do when released into their natural habitat, and along comes a knitting naturalist (knaturalist?) with camera in hand, and stuns the poor thing into a moment of immortality.


But hey – I varied up the background for you! That’s not my bedspread! The towel is a VERY simple pattern, and I’ll be sure to post it later. Linen is very dry and crunchy to knit with, but I’m assured this thing will drape like gangbusters when it is washed, and I certainly like the way it looks and feels even now.

This poor stunned innocent is the first of two purple slippers I’m making for a friend.

I’m using Lion Brand Homespun, firstly because the person in question is sensitive to wool, and I don’t want her to itch to death, and secondly because it’s pretty and cushy, and I figured that if I knit it on needles a few sizes too small, it would create a soft but stiff fabric that is nice and sturdy for slippers. This has proven to be true, and inspired Mr. Kninja to ask about fabric texture and its relationship to needle size. He’s currently learning to knit and is interested in such things. So you see what a lucky person I actually am, because even if he wasn’t interested, he’d have to be hearing from me about it. Anyway, a future blog entry will be about how to get the fabric you want to get.

And finally, here’s a sad picture of the poor, sad seamless hybrid.

It is yet to be assembled and so lies forlorn, waiting for me to finish that second sleeve and get cracking. It should be noted that even after a lot of fiddling in Photoshop, none of these colors are particularly close to accurate. I just didn’t have the light to get anything like natural colors.

And truly finally, I’m working on a Valentine surprise for Mr. Kninja, who knows better than to follow this link to have a sneak preview.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about fabric and texture for benefit of Mr. Kninja. Adios!


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