Love is…

Does anyone remember those scary comics? I’m not convinced that love is at all related to sexless naked Precious Moments refugees, but what do I know? Love also means never having to say you’re sorry, and is like a red, red rose, and is easy ’cause you’re beautiful.

In the Kninja household, though, love is snuggling in bed even though you both have the Hot Flaming Death Plague, also known as the flu. We’re all down with the Hot Flaming Death Plague, every last one of us. It’s not much fun, but this has actually been a nice Valentine’s Day. Mr. Kninja surprised me with a yarn winder and a box of chocolates, and I surprised him with a new Ropes and Ladders scarf and a Tintin poster. Tonight we will drink the incredibly delicious wine I bought while wine tasting this summer. And then we shall huddle, refugee like, under the covers and shiver from fever, but it will be a loving sort of shivering.

The mini-Kninjas are feeling slightly better today, so we’re trying to keep them from ruining that by running rampant. They are currently watching a DVD while I type this. It’s weird how you can feel terrible and sort of happy all at once.

I wish I had pictures for you, but the tempermental camera has decided to become passive aggressive and has taken to seeming like it works, only to produce pictures that are remarkable mostly for their extraordinary blackness. If I can manage to get it to work, I’ll show a few pictures of Mr. Kninja’s scarf, which is knit in Rowan Plaid, a marvelously squishy wool/alpaca blend.

Also, for your edutainment, I offer up the mildly amusing instructions from my Japanese yarn winder. I wondered immediately about it upon seeing the box labeled “NEW WOOL WINDER”. I mean, one would assume it’s new if it’s in the box, right? So is it a winder that only works with new wool? No recycled wool or silk or anything.

The instructions were kind of awesome, too, in a slightly wounded English sort of way.


1) Hold the yarn guide by hand.
2) Turn it clockwise.
3) Thrust it in over a boss positioned at the reverse side of the base until clicking.

1) Set the winder on table as shown in sketch, underlaying plastic clamp with rubber at the edge of table.
2) Fasten the winder with the clamp by turning wing nut to left.

1) Fit bobbin in bobbin holder in a right position.
2) Keeping bobbin holder by hand, turn bobbin to left by another hand as far as it goes.

1) Thread yarns through yarn guide and put the end of yarns into the ditch on top of the bobbin.
2) Holding the yarn by left hand to give a slight tension onto the yarn, move the handle in the direction of the arrow.

1) Take the wound ball out of bobbin after picking the first end of yarns up.
2) Alternatively take the wound ball with bobbin out of bobbin holder, detouching the bobbin by turning it to right.

1) For the wound ball taken out of bobbin, pick up the first end of yarns up from core of the ball.
2) For those yarns like lace-yarns, summer fine-yarns and nep-yarns, take the ball with the bobbin out of bobbin holder and take yarns from the outermost side of the ball to use.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all, and avoid the Hot Flaming Death Plague.

4 Responses to “Love is…”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Ha! I just had to comment (I floated over after looking at your Maude Louise post on Craftster) — I just got my “New Wool Winder” in the mail yesterday, and laughed at the very same directions. I’m glad someone else appreciated it!

  2. Kristen Says:

    Oh, I’m glad someone else thought it was funny! The boss and the ditch had me giggling hysterically between coughs.

  3. Fiona Says:

    I love translated directions, no matter what they’re for. “pick up the first end of yarns”? Awesome.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Oh, yuck to the Flaming Death Plague! I hope you’re all feeling better. I love those wool winder instructions, too – I made my brother’s girlfriend read them aloud when I gave her one for Christmas. It made me think of all the times I wanted to thrust the boss into the ditch at my old job.

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