I gots pictures!

For a brief, mysterious half hour last night, my camera decided to work. Huzzah! I can’t post one of the pictures yet, since it’s a surprise gift for a recipient who is also a reader…but I can show you Mr. Kninja’s Valentine’s gift, and the linen towel I’m working on.

This is the top of a Ropes and Ladders scarf knit in in Rowan Plaid, the Seagull colorway. That yarn is really pleasant to work with. It’s VERY squishy, because it’s composed of separate strands slightly twisted together. The loose yarn makes for a very soft end result, and I really like how it looks, too. The longer alpaca fibers feel really lovely and tickly, but the wool is a nice soft wool, too. Great stuff, this yarn. I can’t recommend it highly enough, which means, of course, that it’s discontinued. I am thinking of buying a sack of it, for to make a huge shawl/wrap for to use on cold days.

There’s a longer shot. It needs real blocking. I didn’t have time to do so, since I finished the day before Valentine’s Day. I just ironed it, but it’s curling something fierce, so a real blocking is in order.

Here, as well, is the towel I’m making.

We’re planning on moving in June, and I’m trying to make hand towels and a bathmat for the new place. I’m sick of owning so many things that I don’t really like. Linen hand towels seem like a luxury, and the Linen Drape that I bought lo these many moons ago was just sitting in my yarn cabinet, existing in the perfect shade to match our favorite decor. I wanted to make something easy and reversible, but pretty, too, and I think this stitch works well for that. I’ll post the pattern later…it’s almost too easy to be worth sharing, but I might as well pass it on.

Happy President’s Day!


4 Responses to “I gots pictures!”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    The scarf is lovely. That is a great color, and I just want to uh, squish it. 😉

    I would love if you would post the towel pattern. It’s really nice, and if it’s easy, then I’m all over it. I really need to put my creative energies toward making utilitarian things rather than little animals and such.

  2. Kristen Says:

    And, done! I love getting to the point where there start to be handknits everywhere.

    Although, honestly, I’d like to make some little animals. I just feel less guilty taking time for myself if I’m making utilitarian things.

  3. Sarah Says:

    What’s with Rowan discontinuing all the best yarns? I just stocked up on Yorkshire Tweed Aran when one of the local yarn stores had a big sale. I overcame the guilt of buying yarn for what, an eleventh potential sweater? because my packrat side pointed out that opportunities to get one’s hands on a whole sweater’s worth of the fabulous stuff are becoming rare. Especially at 40% off.

  4. Kristen Says:

    I sometimes think Rowan does it just to taunt me personally, but that seems unlikely. Still, they do seem to stop making all the yarns I love best. If something happens to Felted Tweed, I may have a break down. I have an urge to buy up all the discontinued yarns, but when I look at my very full yarn cabinet, I can’t quite justify it, nor can my budget really support it. But, oh, the Yorkshire Tweed! The Plaid was discontinued recently enough that there still seems to be a fair amount out there, but the Yorkshire Tweed is starting to become scarce.

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