Good news, for those on the lookout for it – the pattern for Maude Louise is well underway and should be up within a week or two. I finally found some buttons that fit, and since they’re fairly large, the weird spacing doesn’t show as much. We took some pictures, already highlighted on Craftster, though about half of them didn’t turn out, thanks to the wonky camera. I’m dreaming of inheriting a vast fortune from a mysterious and heretofore unknown source, so that I can buy a camera that actually works (and many things besides). However, for those who haven’t seen them, here are the buttons on what I’m going to call a finished Maude Louise.

The buttons are some vintagey things I found on Ebay – I got a HUGE lot of mixed vintage buttons, and these seemed poifect for Maude when I went through the bag. They’re a dark, almost black, brown with a weird little imperfection that sent a short line of milky pale brown through each. I really adore them.

Here’s a better view of the stitches.

I feel pretty foolish that it’s taking me so long to write up the pattern, but I’m finding it difficult work. It’s been really weird writing something that seems like it should be so straightforward, and then questioning everything as soon as I’ve typed it. Oh well. It will be done soon, probably error ridden, and you’ll be able to grab it for yourself then. I’m hoping people will keep me updated on errors so that I can correct them as we go along.

Since the camera isn’t giving me any loving, I thought I’d post a picture of an ancient project.

This is a baby set made for a friend way back when. The little man who received the set is now almost two! I can’t remember the name of the yarn, but I wish I could, because it’s fabulous stuff. It is a wool/acrylic blend, totally washable, a little bit thicker than worsted weight, and it comes in the biggest skein I’ve ever seen. Yards upon yards, for a reasonable price. I had a lot leftover still, after making this set. The jacket is my standard baby present – a Red, Set, Go! cardigan from Monkeysuits – but I crocheted the hat, and altered a basic bootie pattern for the rest. The buttons are vintage buttons I inherited from my grandmother. I loved making this set, and now that I can’t find the yarn anywhere, I wish I’d bought an extra skein.

Enjoy the presidents tomorrow! I hope you have a restful day.

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