Gulp. (Notes on Maude Louise)

So here’s what is happening with the pattern for Maude Louise. Finished or not, I will be posting it tomorrow, hopefully as a download, provided I can figure out how to do that. The likelihood is that I won’t be finished, but not to worry – I will update it as I finish and continue to update as people let me know about problems in the pattern. (And there will be problems, though hopefully not too many!) Right now I’ve only got it in one size – mine, and I am a fairly stretched out sort of person, so bear this in mind if you decide to start. I’m 5’10”, and I have a very long torso and very long arms, so there may need to be some modifications for people who are of a smaller stature. Other notes: I have a 34 inch bust, but I made Maude at 32 inches to make her more fitted. If you want your version to fit closely, make the chest two inches smaller than your actual bust size. The Andean Silk I used stretches very well, and relaxed a lot when I blocked it. I don’t think that a stiff yarn would work very well, since that stretchiness is pretty necessary for fit.

I’m trying to think what else a knitter would need to know about Maude Louise. I used three different needle sizes in making the torso area, in order to keep increases and decreases to a minimum. For this reason, gauge is very, very important. DO NOT try to make this pattern without swatching first. Since the end result is supposed to be fitted, it’s doubly important. On a bulky garment, it’s not as huge a deal if you’re off by a little bit, but being off a little on this one could leave you with something totally unwearable. There’s meant to be a fair amount of stretch in the waist. Because of the fact that it’s in lattice stitch, many of the sizes will begin with the same waist sizing on different needle sizes – it goes up by a full five inches if I add more stitches to the waist. The waist on mine measures 27 inches when I’m not wearing it. I think my waist is a little bigger than that, and it stretches without looking pinched. If you’re worried about waist size, though, go up a needle size instead of adding stitches. The lattice stitch is done in multiples of 16 (+2) so the increases are pretty sharp.

I think that’s it! Wish me luck in finishing this pattern, and tomorrow I’ll post it. C’est la guerre!


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