Do you know what I need?

I need a nemesis.  There has to be a crocheting pirate blogger out there somewhere, and someday our paths will cross, and there will be a terrifying clash of needles and hook, and we will have a legendary rivalry that can only end when one of us finally destroys the other in a fiber showdown the likes of which the world has never seen.  And it will be right and just, and many awesome piratey and ninja-ey knitted and crocheted garments will come of it.

Le sigh.  Maybe I should put out a personal ad.  “Knitting Kninja seeks Hooking Pirate for arch rivalry.  I love long walks on the beach and knitting my own shinobi shozoku.  You are a crocheting pirate who hates ninjas.  No fatties.”

Disclaimer:  I’ve never actually knitted a shinobi shozoku, and in fact had to depend on Wikipedia for the name of a ninja’s costume.  Oh, the shame.


4 Responses to “Do you know what I need?”

  1. MeBeth Says:

    Unfortunately I know of no crocheting pirate bloggers out there in search of a nemesis, but Maude Louise looks great and thank you for all of the name suggestions!!

  2. Diana Says:

    Bwahahaha! I can’t knit, but you make me laugh and your projects are always lovely.

    I do crochet, but can only make things that are square. I can be a pirate with a square crocheted eye patch!

  3. Kristen Says:

    Diana, I’d be pleased as punch to have you as my arch nemesis!

  4. Lauren Says:

    But, I was your nemesis! You tempted me with links to medieval-style buttons when I had no money to indulge. Oh, I guess that makes you my nemesis, not the other way around. Carry on.

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