Whole lotta things

First off, thank you for all of the response to Maude Louise! I can’t believe that so many people have already downloaded the pattern, and I’m very eager to meet all the new Maudes out there! Please, please, if you make a Maude Louise, let me know! I’ll put up a gallery, and I can’t wait to see Maudes in colors other than the one I chose. I look hideous in pink, but there’s a dusty rose/mauve that I think would be really stunning on someone else, and I keep hoping someone makes a Maude in that shade.

Craftsters very generously voted for Maude Louise in the February Knitting Challenge. The theme was What Would Marple Knit?, and there were some really gorgeous entries (and adorable pictures). I can’t believe Maude Louise won, and I’m very excited. Thank you to everyone who voted – be sure to check out the other really great knits!

Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday? I’ll give you a hint – it’s blue and handpainted and gorgeous.

Look at it shyly peeping out there! It’s Koigu Kersti, a lovely merino crepe. I hadn’t expected to win the auction on Ebay – it was an impulse bid more than anything – but I did, and now both of my boys are begging for hats made from it. I only have the one skein, unfortunately, so I don’t think I can wring more than one hat from it. I’ll figure something out. I suspect the littler guy would settle for a hat of any sort as long as it looks like a stocking cap. He is very enamored of them lately.

I also got a picture of the Misti Alpaca from Stitches West. Aren’t these colors autmn-y and pretty? I think I’ll make them into a fair isle baby cardigan. I’ve never seen baby clothes in these colors, and the alpaca is so so soft.

I also got a shot of the pretty teal Louet Gems yarn, wound and posed with the Rowanspun that is soon to be its life partner in a pair of Endpaper Mitts. Isn’t Gems an appropriate name for a yarn that holds color so beautifully?

It’s a little richer and darker in real life. I love it. Mr. Kninja has been slightly unnerved by the fact that I occasionally take it out to stroke it or admire it in different lights. I just can’t get over the color and the way the dye is held by the springy two ply merino.

Also, also – guess what? There’s finally an end in sight for the seamless hybrid! I joined the sleeves to the body and have begun the decreases. The hybrid always photographs much more magenta-y than it actually is, but here, in this film noir shot, you can see that it is, in fact, beginning to resemble a sweater. Yay! Mr. Kninja keeps dropping subtle hints to finish it up. Hints like, “Hey, you know what you should be doing right now? You should be working on my sweater.” He’s a charmer, that Mr. Kninja.

My other projects must remain secret for the time being, or at least until the person who will be receiving the fruits of my labor has actually received said fruits. Good knitting, all!


One Response to “Whole lotta things”

  1. loriersea Says:

    Congratulations on the Knitting Challenge! Very exciting. Maude Louise is gorgeous and you totally deserve it.

    I LOVE Misti Alpaca. It comes in such nice colors and is so, so soft. A fair isle baby cardigan sounds just gorgeous.

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