Oh, it’s a brave new world, and I’m striding out into it! Technology and knitting mix so beautifully, don’t you think? Ancient handicraft meets infotech superhighway of the future and the love affair is epic. Sure it’s a May-December romance, but knitting keeps herself young and the internet really needs a little dignity and maturity.

I need to learn how to use it, but I’ve gone ahead with my wiki pattern idea and gotten a wiki. Hopefully before too long we’ll have a place where knitters can post patterns and other knitters can add to them or correct them as they knit. Obviously, there are many kinks to work out – I need to see if you can make the name of the designer uneditable, and also to make sure that patterns that are copyrighted are not posted. For those reasons, I won’t be sharing the site until it’s set up. But it exists, and I think it has potential!

Also on the menu of things to come, I’m trying to learn how to edit Cascading Style Sheets and get this blog looking purty. I’ve got a temporary banner all ready to go, but I’m afraid that if I put it up the world will come crashing down. Actually, this past week, the template that I use broke, and I had a nasty scare as it happened the same day my CSS upgrade came through. I thought I’d somehow killed the blog. But I had not, and it may, with luck, be pretty soon.

I’ve also got a domain now, though it seems to be taking a few days to set up. Soon you’ll be able to eliminate the middleman, though, and come straight to I think that makes things a little simpler and cleaner.

There’s a knitalong for Maude Louise on Crafster, started by quikroxy85! If you’d like to join in, you can do so here. I have to confess that I got teary when I saw it. It’s hard to believe that people want to knit something I came up with. I’m about halfway through making the other sizes and making the pattern into a pdf, so stay tuned. I’m kind of lousy at math, so please bear with me as my progress may be slow and my mistakes many.

There have been some questions posed about possible yarn substitutes for Maude Louise. The good news is that Andean Silk is a worsted weight yarn, so almost any worsted weight will do. If I have to make specific recommendations, though, I’m going to suggest avoiding super dark colors and anything with a lot of color variation. Because the twisted stitches are against a stockinette background, they stand out considerably less than a usual cable might. This was intentional, but on a very dark color or with a lot of variation, they may get swallowed up altogether. You’d still have a fitted waist, but the pretty detail could be lost.

If price is an issue, Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool comes in a HUGE range of colors and costs only $2.25 a skein. I can see so many colors I think would look marvelous. If you’re looking to make a more springy cardigan, Knit Picks’ Shine Worsted would make for a more lightweight and cooler jacket, though I don’t much fancy the color options. If price is less of an issue, the options are endless. I think that Misti Alpaca Worsted would be a luxurious choice. It is soft as anything, and comes in a huge range of colors. And finally, here is a link to yarns that Yarndex says are the same weight as Andean Silk. Hope that helps!

One final note – when I put up the new pattern for Maude Louise, I will be editing the notes to go with it to tell you how to make sure the waist fits, because bust size doesn’t always determine waist size. The pattern is being written in a standard way, with the assumption that everyone who has a size 32 bust has the same waist size, but I’ll be telling how to edit the pattern for yourself to make sure that you end up with something that fits. If you are making Maude in any size larger than the size 32″ size, please read these parts of the notes very carefully. The waist section should stretch, but there’s only so far that will go, and it would be awful to finish and find that you’d made something all out of proportion to you.

G’night, all! I’m off to sleep for a while.


3 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. mai Says:

    hey, i like your new blog template! it’s funny, but when i changed mine awhile back, i was singing some david bowie, too! 🙂

  2. R. Says:

    Congratulations on Maude Louise becoming a knit-a-long. I was happy for you when I saw that on craftster. 🙂

  3. Soknitpicky Says:

    I really love your wiki idea and look forward to seeing it take shape. And congratulations on the great response to Maude Louise–it really is beautiful!

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