You know my temperamental camera?  It deigned to work today.  This sounds like a good thing, and it’s nice that it takes pictures, but today it added stripes to the pictures.  Foolish and evil camera.

I got some pictures of my yarn cabinet for you.  When I’m feeling down I go to it and stare, or take yarns down and stroke them, or I take everything out and sort and organize.  Even with ugly stripes, isn’t a lovely sight?

All of the purple yarns came out bluer than they are in life, and you can see that the yarn cabinet has to stand a daily barrage by the children, but still, the yarn itself goes on being beautiful.   It’s a very cheery object to behold in the morning.

In other news of the beautiful, I got a fantabulous package in the mail recently!  It contained any number of wonderful goodies, but the pièce de résistance was a beautiful woven scarf!  My friend Andrea made it.  I have enough on my plate right now, but this was enough to make me want to take up weaving.  The fabric is very different from the knitted, and there’s a totally different method and rhythm to it.  I can stare at it for ages.  Even taken by a bad, stripey camera, the picture can’t hide how pretty this scarf is.  See?

Ironically enough, I didn’t own a scarf until this one arrived!  I’ve made plenty, but never for myself.  Now I lack no more!

I wish I had something more interesting to say, but it’s been a lot of work and exhaustion here lately, and my brain seems to have fried.  I want desperately to leave you with something witty or wise or funny, but all I’ve got is this: I’d like to go sleep now.  But it’s 4 in the afternoon and the children are roaming the apartment at their leisure, so sleep must remain elusive for a while yet.

Oh, and one thing more!  Happy birthday, Mom!  You’re wonderful, and I hope your birthday is wonderful, too.

4 Responses to “Beautiful”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I love yarn porn. I aspire to have a stash I am not ashamed to post pictures of on the internet.

  2. Lori Says:

    I’m very impressed with how neat and respectable your yarn is. Mine is piled in several laundry baskets in my closet. It’s not pretty.

  3. Kristen Says:

    Thanks, Lori! That’s actually after the spawn had pawed through it multiple times – it’s neater when I’ve just organized it. I used to keep the stash in trash bags, but the man decided that I needed something more respectable and we bought the cabinet. Admittedly, I still have a trash bag in the closet, but that’s because my mother bought me a bazillion things of Wool-Ease and it won’t fit in the cabinet.

    The nice thing about the cabinet is that it limits my yarn buying. I have to clear out room before I’m allowed to buy more. In theory, anyway.

  4. R. Says:

    What a pretty scarf! You lucky thing. That color suits you well.

    Nice looking yarn stash, too. I wish I could be so organized. I keep all of my yarn in laundry baskets stacked in a corner.

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