Stuck in the middle with you

So I’m most of the way through with the pattern in multiple sizes (yay!) and now I’m stuck on the fitted sleeves. I will finish, but in the meantime, I’m putting out the newest version of the pattern (in pdf form – many props to maitai113 at Craftster for telling me how to do that) anyway. I figure it will take a bit before anyone gets to the sleeves as it is. Just be aware, though, if you do start knitting this in a larger size, please don’t start on the sleeves until the new pattern is up.

I also found a few more errors in the size 32 as I wrote the larger sizes. Please note that on the Back of sweater, where it says to knit to 14″, that number should be 16″.

My apologies for the vast number of errors, rewrites, and stuttering starts and stops. I feel pretty incompetent. It was much easier to knit the damn sweater than it’s been to try to explain how I did it!


One Response to “Stuck in the middle with you”

  1. Brenda Hudgins Says:

    I can’t seem to find the pattern for the maude louise sweater to download it. Can you please help me? Thanks, Brenda

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