After a long time spent in the joyless toils of unraveling, cursing, and ruing the day I forged ahead on the seamless hybrid without paying attention to the decrease instructions, I reached the beginning of my mistake and started again.  I don’t know why this surprises me, but the actual knitting part went much faster than the unraveling, and within a day, I was past the point I’d been at before I began unraveling.  I made it pretty quickly to the shoulder bands, and that’s when I realized that I don’t have enough yarn.  Arrrrrrrgh!  I have very, very close to enough yarn.  Very close.  I’m probably going to run out just a few rows before the end, but I’m almost certainly going to run out.

I’ve emailed Knitpicks, asking if there’s any chance that they have more Telemark from the dyelot I am using, but I haven’t heard back from them, and I figure the chances are slim to none anyway.  Still, it can’t hurt to ask.  Has anyone dealt with Knitpicks’ customer service before?  I emailed them on Sunday and it’s now Friday and I haven’t heard back, not even to say, “We got your email and we’re checking in to this.”

This sweater has been a comedy of errors, but despite that I’m learning tons and I’m loving working on it.  I’m hopeful that even if the next skein is from a different dyelot that I’m going to be using so little of it that it won’t really show.

In other silly news of the hybrid, I have to unravel part of the sweater again, as I made the first shoulder saddle too short, and need to add some rows.  I don’t actually mind that really, now that I know the end is in sight.

My daughter turned two on April 18th, and I made her a pair of celebratory cotton Mary Janes in her favorite color: blue.  This is an especially nice Delft blue, but she won’t be able to enjoy them for some time yet, as I also made them a bit too big for her foot.  Still, they’re cute and pretty, and she seems pleased.

I’ve yet to finish that second languishing baby sock for Afghans for Afghans, but I’ve begun on a baby kimono for a baby yet to come.  A dear friend is having a baby, and I’d like to put together a jolly set of little sweaters and toys and bibs and booties.   I’ll get that sock done, though, in time to send off for Mother’s Day.

It’s been a bit hectic in the Kninja household, which seems to be par for the course of late.  I keep thinking I’ll have time to update here, and then I find myself whisked away by the next task at hand.  It’s been a particularly crazy week, though, as my middle child has been especially needy.

There are some really gorgeous finished Maude Louises posted on Craftster in the knitalong.  I’m sort of keeping up with that, sort of failing to keep up with it, but I’m invariably impressed by the creativity of knitters.  The various little changes that people have made to the pattern make it personal for them, and I love seeing the results.   I really want to make something original again soon.  I’ve got a fair amount of Cotton Glace sitting around, and I think I’ll be making that into a seamless short sleeved summer raglan of some kind.  Nothing too fancy, but that should leave room for a few personal touches.

It really is the little personal touches, isn’t it?  Even when people knit a pattern and remain true to it, choice of color alone can really personalize a project.  I love knitting.


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