Seamless hybrid, baby!

Oh yeah!

Pattern (Recipe): Seamless hybrid, from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears
Yarn: Knitpicks’ Telemark, color Aubergine, Colonial Blue edgings
Yardage: About 1250 yards, or slightly over 12 skeins of Aubergine, and about 77 yards of Colonial Blue
Needles: several lengths of size 4 circulars

It’s done! Totally, finally, and happily done. I love blocking so much I might marry it. Mr. Kninja will just have to get used to it. As you can see, the ugly chest crease disappeared entirely and it’s no longer too short. Blocking is my homeboy.

Mr. Kninja was able to pose for a total of two serious pictures and then he sprang into action. He wanted to show me what a real Knitting Kninja looks like, so the Ropes and Ladders scarf made an appearance as a ninja head covering thingy. (What on earth is that called?)

Our daughter was terribly impressed and I think it’s a testament to how well I’m raising my kids that our barely two year old took one look at this picture and shouted, “Mama! Papa a nin-ya! See, Mama! A nin-ya!” She can also identify yarn and knitting and likes to pretend to knit purple things. I’m so proud.

Here’s a shot of the saddle on the back of the sweater. I still love this part. Both methods of finishing the hybrid are very appealing, but if I make this again, I’ll definitely use the saddle method again. It’s easier, but more than that, I just like the way looks.

I have good things to say about Knitpicks’ Telemark. It’s such an affordable yarn, and it softens up very nicely when blocked. It’s not going to set the world on fire, but for a cheap wool, it’s astonishingly nice. The color is not as magenta as it photographs here. It’s a little darker and a little more purple. The picture of Mr. Kninja as a ninja is the closest to the actual shade, at least as seen on my monitor.

The blocking finished up just in time for Mr. Kninja’s 31st birthday on the eighth! He wore it on Saturday, and I wore Arthemis, and we dropped the kids off with a sitter and went to see a movie. Specifically, Paprika. I must tell you how eerie it is to see a movie in which the main animated character looks like you. Paprika is much cuter than I am, but she’s drawn about as close to how I’d be drawn were I an idealized animated character. Down to the freckles. The hair color is more what my hair color was like when I was younger, but I used to have dark red hair. I don’t get as much sun these days, so it’s gotten browner. Anyway, as self centered as it sounds, I found that somewhat distracting while I was watching the movie. If they’d given her a big nose, it would have been yet creepier, though, so I suppose I can be thankful that she had an adorable perky nose. I like my big nose, but I don’t think I’ll ever see anything like it on an anime character.

Take a look, and decide for yourself if I’m totally delusional. Paprika is on the right.

It was a good movie. I found a few reviews online, and they were all more gushing than I would choose to be, but it was definitely worth seeing. The animation was stunningly beautiful, and the plot differed from anything I’ve seen in an anime movie before. It seemed to follow a more predictable arc at first, but it launched out in a new direction part way through.

Oh yeah. This was a post about the seamless hybrid, wasn’t it? Sorry. It’s been a long few weeks – school ends for the kids this week, and we’ve spent the last two weekends looking for a new apartment. More coherent posts to come in the near future.


8 Responses to “Seamless hybrid, baby!”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Holy. You ARE Paprika. Creeepy.

    The seamless hybrid looks fabulous. As does Arthemis. Nice work!

  2. Mr. Kninja Says:

    It’s a cowl. A ninja’s head covering is called a cowl. Or a mask. Or something. I don’t know, really. Damnit, we have two sons, shouldn’t we know this stuff?

  3. tiennie Says:

    Fantastic job on the hybrid!!! Looks fabulous on him.

  4. Guro Says:

    The hybrid is awsome. Your man is very lucky! Great job, lovely colour.

  5. mamie Says:

    what a sweater…i made one for my husband and i too finished just as the weather turned in california. but it is ready for the fall. your color choice is wonderful…really flattering.

  6. Macoco Says:

    The hybrid looks great – I love that color too.

  7. JulieFrick Says:

    This is a great SH! I made one for my husband last year (this year’s sweater will be j a r e d’s Cobblestone in the new Interweave) and I, too, LOVED the saddle in the back. It’s the feature of the sweater that gets him the most attention (aside from the inscription I did in the hem, which is invisible unless he shows it off deliberately). Love the color!

  8. Kenny Says:

    Very nice work. I am struggling myself trying to make the seamless hybrid from the top down. I’m not sure if it’s working. But you did it from the bottom up. So, it’s totally different. Looks great on him though!

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