In the meantime…

One of the reasons why the Kninja household is sometimes stretched a little thin is that Mr. Kninja works so far away. His daily commute totals three hours back and forth. In one week, he’s on the road for at least 15 hours. It’s too much, and we’re tired of it. That’s why we’re uprooting and moving closer to the job! We finally, after a couple of months of looking, found an apartment. It’s so nice to know what the next few months look like. We’ve been very stressed about all of this.

Anyway, posts will be a little random for a while, since we’re going to be packing and planning and getting ready to haul all our worldly possessions to the East Bay. And knitters, envy me, for I shall be living in walking distance of Stash. More details as events unfold.

I don’t yet have any pictures of my knitting progress, but Willow has a back, two front panels, and the beginning of one sleeve, so I’ll be posting pictures shortly. Also, thanks to my very very awesome best friend Dr. Suzanne, I have a new skirt, and I can sort of sew! The proof will require pictures as well, and I am thinking of going over to the dark side to crochet some lace for a border on my skirt.

Since I don’t have any knitting pictures today, I thought I’d just go over patterns I’ve liked recently, and my plans for the (dah dah dum!) future. Since we live in the naughts and no one is wearing the jumpsuits we all were promised, I guess I’ll be making retro future garments for extra confusability.

Here’s what I’m planning at the moment for the yarn I already have. Plans are always subject to change, because I am fickle. Also, this is in no particular order. And I’m leaving out oft-mentioned projects, like Gabriel’s languishing and now entirely frogged sweater.

* Finish McQueen Knockoff, which you saw me start some months back.

* Start Sweet Mary Jane bed jacket. I bought this pattern from Knitpicks ages ago. They no longer offer it, but if you like the way it looks, you can now get it for free, according to this blog entry. The Designer, Celeste Culpepper, would love it if you make a donation to the Yarn Harlot’s Knitters Without Borders when you get the pattern. I’ll be making this in the recommended yarn, Knitpicks’ Shadow, in the color Campfire Heather. The yarn is very lovely in real life, and quite soft, and since the size I’m making requires only three skeins of yarn, it’s quite a bargain, too.

* Some pretty chunky thing for my sister. I was going to use a pattern, maybe Wenlan Chia’s Best Friend Cardigan, or Debbie Bliss’ Simply Marilyn (there’s a particularly lovely version of this sweater at Fig and Plum), but now I’m thinking I’ll make up something with fun cables. I think my sister would look good in fun cables.

* Nora’s Tomten jacket, which will be done in a much finer yarn than I’ve yet seen used for this pattern. I may double the yarn and I know I will be putting in a few stripes of various colors. My plan then is to line it with fabric to make a very warm winter coat. You can see some especially inspiring Tomtens here. Nora’s will be knit primarily in a very purple tweed. I bought it before she fell hard for purple, but she’s wild for the color right now, with blue as a close runner up, so I’m planning on making some of the stripes blue.

* The Daktari Skirt from Greetings from Knit Cafe. It’s very pretty in the book, but what sent me over the edge was seeing Julie’s lovely version at Mind of Winter. She knit it in the recommended yarn, and I’ll be using Sir Galli, but I think that it should turn out well. And it’s yummy.

Other sources of inspiration for which I have, as yet, no yarn:

* I’ve seen so many beautiful versions of Lelah, but I never saw it as something I’d personally wear until I saw this lovely version with straps, knit by Mary at Ramblings of a Knitting Obsessive. (She’s also the designer of the lovely Mrs. Darcy cardigan.) Now I’m smitten.

* I admire many of Anna Bell‘s patterns, but I’m really lusting after a particular few right now. The one I want most, Bridie, won’t be available until this book comes out, but there’s still Cherry to want.


I guess I’ll leave it there, as I can lust after knits all day. I hope things are going well for you all!


3 Responses to “In the meantime…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Wow, congratulations on finding a new home and best of luck with the move! I get squirrelly making a half-hour commute if I have to do it every day, so I really don’t know how Daniel’s been doing it all this time.

    Love the new patterns you’ve picked out (and can’t wait for Anna’s book). I just saw the new Harry Potter movie, which features some particularly awesome knitwear, and your “something cabled and chunky” for your sister made me think of the mustard-yellow cardi-vest Ginny is wearing in the last scene. If I didn’t have five other design projects in the works already, I’d be figuring out how to engineer one right now!

  2. Elin Says:

    You have great taste in patterns! The Anna Bell patterns are particularly great, I think I’ll knit Cherry myself once summer comes around here. Bridie looks very wearable too! Tomten, of course, is adorable!

  3. Lesalicious Says:

    Your blog looks nice. I came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I have a board and would like to invite you to the board. My board is called Crafty Chicks its for all kinds of hobbies. So check it out and hope to see you on the board if you have any questions. Lesalicious is my username.

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