Not so wispy Willow

This is the squashiest stuff, truly.  Don’t you just want to squish those cables?  I don’t have to resist temptation, and I’ve been squishing away at my leisure.

Willow is nearly done.  She’s seamed, she has button bands (currently unattached, flighty things), and she’s warm and luxurious.  The RYC Soft Tweed is wonderful, though it certainly detracts from any actual qualities that would make one think “willowy” when looking upon it.  You’re more likely to spot me in Willow and think, “Good heavens!  What is that enormous and strangely comforting shape?”

I opted out of using more RYC Soft Tweed for the contrasting sleeve edges and the stripes on the collar.  All of the Soft Tweeds are, unsurprisingly, soft in color, and I wanted more contrast than it turned out that they afforded.  Something at least as soft and cozy was clearly in order, though, so I splurged on some Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky, which is the same weight, but miraculously even softer.  The particular brown I chose is a dark melange, a black brown that I thought worked well with the greyed out brown of the Soft Tweed.

We’re still in the land of easy, straightforward knitting.  (It’s been very pleasant not having to do any math of my own beyond simple measurements.)  Even easy, straightforward knitting, though, is not without surprises.  I forgot until I’d started this project that Willow has pockets.  I love pockets.  I get to have pockets!  Yay!  I haven’t completed the pocket edgings (and I may end up doing that in the contrast yarn, just for kicks) but here is one of them.

I’ve been remiss, I know, in writing lately.  Harry Potter was the big distraction when I wasn’t busy with packing and taking children to appointments and so on.  However, from the hits I’ve been getting lately, I see I’m remiss in other ways as well.  I started some entries on twined knitting some time back, primarily the history of that particular technique, but I promised to do some experiments with twined knitting myself and to write more on the matter.  I’ve never done so.  Lately, it seems like a lot of visitors are coming specifically because they are interested in twined knitting, though, so it’s about time to get back up in the saddle and actually talk about the craft and try my hand at a technique I’ve written about, but never tried.  Shameful, I know, especially as my historical summaries make me sound like I know a good deal.   For the record, everything I know is from the book Twined Knitting, and I’m not anything like an expert.   I’m just an interested party.

Actually, if anyone can recommend any other books specifically about knitting history I’d greatly appreciate it.  I’m very interested in how the craft has been used in the past.

Back on the topic of Willow, those are the errant button bands, and I found some nice buttons in my stash.

The next entry should be a finished coat.  Yay!


3 Responses to “Not so wispy Willow”

  1. Elin Says:

    It’s looking great! I can’t wait to see the finished project, and yes, I do want to squish those cables! I love that soft brown colour.

  2. Tracy Says:

    I just want to cuddle that sweater.

  3. kae Says:

    i LOVE the buttons! gorgeous

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