Willow (sans ooh la la fancy schmancy modeling)

Because modeling is for the weak!*

*The ‘weak’ being those who have a photographer on hand because they didn’t decide to take pictures while the other adult in the house is at work. In other words, those who are envied by me.

Pattern: Willow, from A Yorkshire Fable
Yarn: RYC Soft Tweed in Twig (MC), Misti Alpaca Chunky in brown (CC)
Yardage: 1131 yards of Soft Tweed, about 27 yards of Misti Alpaca Chunky Needles: generic bamboo sizes 10.5 and 11
Modifications: Very few modifications. I made the 34 inch chest size, and I lengthened the sleeves slightly, which was a mistake. I also used the contrast yarn for the pocket edges and the belt.

Obviously, without ooh la la fancy schmancy modeling you can’t see how this fits, and you can’t weigh in on whether I should shrink this coat at all. Unless you are ninja, in which case you may already have seen me in the coat. I guess not, though, since I’m still alive and all. You’re a lousy ninja. Sheesh.

This thing is every bit as fat as it looks. It might also be phat, but I don’t feel I’m qualified to weigh in there. My husband tried it on, and it made him look like – well, if there had been a pimp in Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood, he might have worn this coat. It was a very odd, somewhat appealing, somewhat creepy look. Anyway, perhaps not the best sweater for the gentlemen, as cozy as it is. Unless the gentleman in question gets a kick out of appearing to be a very huggable person in a morally deplorable line of work, in which case, are you sure he’s the gentleman for you?

Such questions aside, here are more shots of the coat. Marvel at the collar of giganticness! See the buttons of wonder! Feel the squish with Squish-O-Visionβ„’!





4 Responses to “Willow (sans ooh la la fancy schmancy modeling)”

  1. Sarah T. Says:

    Oh, I saw this on Craftster and somehow didn’t connect it with the close-up shots from a few posts ago. To me, it looks like the perfect house-sweater for winter mornings.

  2. knittingnoob Says:

    Its beautiful, it looks so happy and cuddly! I bet you can’t wait for winter! I hope you can share photos of it on sometime, I’d like to see that. Pat yourself on the back, it really looks awesome πŸ™‚

  3. whitknits Says:

    Haha, a sweater for the pimp in Mr. Rogers neighborhood, I got a big kick out of that! What a great mental image. The sweater looks super cuddly and cozy and warm.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I, too, had a hearty chuckle at the image of Senor Kninja as Mr. Rogers’s Pimp Neighbor. He would have been such a great addition to the show! I’ve also learned the hard way to always knit the smallest pattern size Rowan gives, and not to lengthen the sleeves, however sorely I am tempted. I still want to see modeling pictures, though – you’re tall and slim enough to pull it off in public. And I see that woolly cabled sofa covers are all over the fall runways, so you’re just being Hip and Now. πŸ˜‰

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