Girliest. Tweed. EVAH!

See that?  It’s the terrifying tweed of incredible girliness, guaranteed to make small children squee with excitement.  It’s also the beginning of Nora’s Tomten.  Most of my knitting time lately has been devoted to…well most of my knitting time has been devoted to unpacking, actually.   But anyway, the knitting time actually spent on knitting has mostly been devoted to the super secret project of mystery that I cannot talk about, and that hardly makes for interesting blogging.  I’m mostly finished with the super secret project of mystery that I cannot talk about, however, and so I cast on for Nora’s Tomten, which gives me a nice relaxing project to work on when my hands and mind feel tired.

I’m working with Rowanspun 4 ply, and it’s fingering weight.  Do not believe the labeling, which says it is Sport or even DK weight.  It’s fingering weight, and I remember sitting and comparing it to Knit Picks’ Telemark, which is labeled as Sport and staring back and forth between them.  Telemark is a heavy Sport, closer to DK, and Rowanspun is undoubtedly fingering weight, but Rowan seems occasionally to have issues with labeling its yarns a heavier weight than they merit.  I do. not. get it.

Since the yarn is fingering weight, I’ve doubled it.  I like it better this way, anyway, because doubled it captures a lot of air and makes for a softer, squishier fabric.  It also offers some opportunity for experimentation when I begin to add the blue stripes of Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply that I have in mind.  I can use one strand of purple and one of blue, or both blues together, or each blue kept strictly to itself.  Much in the way of possibility here.

I’m planning on making this Nora’s Christmas present, even though she keeps walking by and commenting on it.  I can’t seem to hide my knitting from the kids, so I don’t really try.  She’s very eager for the blue stripes to start, and keeps asking when I’ll add them in, but I want to set them high up.

Have you ever seen such a purple?  I was a tomboyish child, but that is the exact shade of purple that I found hard to resist.  I never liked pink.  I had no problems resisting dresses or lace or frill, but I could not resist that slightly blue, slightly opaque purple color.  Nora, who is actually a rather girly little person, is smitten.  The flecks of magenta, pale turqouise, and plum only add to the effect.

I’m hoping that the Yorkshire Tweed (in Sheer and Oceanic) will help ground this flighty purple menace.  Otherwise the cute may blind.

In other news, I walked out with the children yesterday and discovered that I live just a few blocks from a store called K2Tog.  Glory be!  It’s a lovely little place, and the owner is a wonderful woman.  She has a little corner with children’s books, and it’s not just a nod – she was friendly and welcoming to the kids.  Anyone who’s gone yarn shopping with little ones in tow knows that this is a rarity.   The stock is very nice indeed, lots of soft alpaca yarns, and beautiful sock yarns, and a wide range of Cascade products, and the shop is light and airy with big comfy chairs, and a back room for lessons.  And I live three blocks away.  Yowsa.  I am looking about for a number of yarns for projects right now, but I don’t yet need to buy.  Nonetheless, I bought a skein of Misti Alpaca worsted, just because I can’t resist the colors and softness.  This one is destined to become a hat for my brother.  It’s a peacock melange – gorgeous.

I’ll update when there’s more to look at and more to talk about.

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