Plugging away

When do I get that boring life I crave?  We’ve had a whirlwind of events – a wee earthquake, the boys’ advent at a new school, and dear friends moving far, far away.  In the midst of it all, I’m toting yarn and needles, just working away.

The Super Secret Project of Mystery that can’t be mentioned is done, so you shan’t hear any more about it until it will be mysterious no longer.  That’s freed up some time for new and old projects.

Nora’s Tomten has grown.

The intense purple makes the Yorkshire Tweed Sheer look like a grey-green, which makes sense and yet is so odd, because the color is actually a grey-blue, and it’s very obvious on the skein.  I like the effect, though, and the blues really do ground that purple purple.

It’s pleasant knitting in garter – no thought, no anxiety, just letting my fingers do the thinking for me.  You can’t see it here, but I’ve divided the stitches and am on the front and back panels now.   What a cool pattern.  Like so many of EZ’s designs, it’s simple, almost ridiculously simple, but the construction is so clever that only a knitting genius could have imagined it.  You probably don’t need me to praise it.  This is a time honored and well worn pattern that gets its due share of accolades.  It’s new to me, though, and I’m pleased.

I also whipped up a Christmas gift for my brother, who does not read this blog, and therefore will remain surprised.  It’s Fig and Plum‘s Cashmere Ribbed Hat in Misti Alpaca. Only, it was midnight or so when I began the decreases, and I was watching a DVD at the time, and well, it’s not the Cashmere Ribbed Hat.  I don’t know how I messed up such a simple and elegant pattern, but the thing is, my mistake actually looks fine, just not like the Cashmere Ribbed Hat.  I’m leaving it as is, but I’ll be making another one of these.  Here are some non modeled pictures – I’ll get Mr. Kninja to model this later so you can see my mistakes.

The yarn is glorious, though.  I think Misti Alpaca may be one of my favorite yarns.  It’s relatively affordably, incredibly soft, and it comes in beautiful colors.  The main color here is Peacock Melange, and the edging is done in Marigold Melange.  You can’t ask for better colors or a better feel.  I think the hat does feel like it’s made of cashmere even if I went a more economical route.

Speaking of yarn, I have more rambling Ravelry inspired thoughts.  I stumbled upon a thread about yarn disappointments there and realized that either I’m a very undiscerning consumer, or I’m an easily satisfied consumer, or I’ve had a run of incredibly good luck.  I tried to think of a very disappointing yarn I’d used and couldn’t come up with a thing.  I wonder why this is?  I think that in general, when I knit I’m ready to be pleased.  I’m pleased to be knitting, and I’m pleased to have yarn, and I enjoy even the weaknesses of one yarn or another.

I think this comes from the days of messing about with art supplies.   Until I learned what each was best for, I made a bit of a mess with each of them, but it wasn’t the fault of the material.  I look at yarns in much the same way.  Reading a bit makes me sure that there are some yarns that are unforgivably ill made, but I guess I’ve been able to avoid them thus far.

Am I alone in my general delight with yarn in all forms?  I suspect not.  Undiscerning consumers of fiber, unite!  We have nothing to lose but our cash!

4 Responses to “Plugging away”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    I, too, must be an undiscerning consumer of yarn, as I can only think of 1 project that I was dissatisfied with in about 30 years of knitting. That is, 1 project where the yarn was to blame! 😉

    There are types of yarn I hate using – those feathered ones are damnably difficult to knit with – but I think I’ve been pretty happy with most yarns I’ve used.

  2. Kristen Says:

    Kathleen, I knew there had to be others!

  3. Tracy Says:

    I really like the colors. I haven’t knit with enough “nice” yarns to have an opinion on that. When I do choose a nicer yarn, I tend to choose one that I hear lots of people rave about.

  4. amanda Says:

    I’ve only been disappointed with Cascade 220 Tweed. It’s pilled terribly on me 😦

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