Wee kninjas

Several people asked about the pictures I posted on Thursday. The reddish/pinkish/intensely colored object is going to be a wrap for my aunt for the holidays. I can post a pattern and probably shall, but it’s just a diamond mesh lace repeat with a garter border. I’ll be adding fringe for extra festivity.

The orange blob is my languishing Cotton Glace top that I started this summer. It’s a fun occasional project to work on, but I’m mostly concentrating on holiday stuff right now.  I am not writing up any pattern so far with this one, because the construction is very weird and not very convenient.  I am sure there’s a better way to do it, but I’m happy with how it’s going – I just wouldn’t want to subject other people to the weird way I’m putting it together.

I haven’t really got any new knitting pictures, but I did take a few shots of the wee ‘uns, and I feel like sharing.  And yes, I messed about with Photoshop, so forgive the weird artistic license as well as the messy background.  I took them right after the kids came home and dropped their backpacks by the door, so it wasn’t really posed.  In order of age:

Gabriel Kninja:

Liam Kninja:

Eleanor Kninja:

And so as not to be wholly bereft of knitting, here’s some Cascade Luna that I bought to make a DNA cable scarf for a friend’s husband.  He does not like wool.  I’m sure I could trick him with some soft superwash merino, but I decided to be safe and go with soft cotton instead.

I’m still working on patterns for the Erin shrug and for Arthemis, but as usual, I am slow.


One Response to “Wee kninjas”

  1. Sarah Says:

    The knijini are such beautiful kiddos. I can’t believe how grown-up they’re looking!

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