Yeah, yeah, I got clever with the title. You can’t expect better of someone styling herself as a kninja. However pathetic the vague knitting pun, I shall seek it out and abuse it to death, by gum, for that is what a kninja does. Also, assassinations by way of pointy stick. We won’t speak further of those.

The wee-est of my wee ones asked to be Yoda for Halloween. Being a loving mother, I came up with this as quickly as I could. The ears, unfortunately, do not look terribly Yoda-ish when they droop. And it didn’t matter anyway, as, come Halloween, the wee-est decided to be a bear, wearing a costume that belonged to the middle Kninja when he was two.

Luckily, the largest Kninja child took up her slack, and after Mr. Kninja had wired the ears to stand up, Gabriel was transformed into the tallest Yoda ever to stalk the neighborhood. Tall Yoda would be pretty darn scary, I think.

So we were a terrifying brood (Mr. Kninja went as a software pirate, complete with CD eye patch and hook hand, and I was a vampire in solidarity with Liam) and we brought home much sugary sustenance. Also, Mr. Kninja bought way too much candy for the actual number of trick or treaters we received, and now we have giant bags of candy that is only very vaguely appetizing. It’s disappointing to discover just how snobbish and discerning my palette has become when I actually am living the childhood dream of having most of the contents of four giant bags of candy. I have all this candy, and I don’t really want to eat it. I’m sighing right now.

It’s been a rough few weeks, so on the worst day last week, I bought myself some therapy in the form of a skein of Malabrigo worsted. I was intending to make Urchin with it, but I made a number of mistakes on the first wedge. And the thing is, I noticed that I’d made a number of mistakes, but I liked them, and decided that if I went with it and made the same mistakes consistently and repeatedly, they would no longer be mistakes but a design element. So that’s what I did, and I ended up with this cute little round thing that fits Nora perfectly.

And I still have enough yarn left over for an actual Urchin.

While I was at the yarn store, I ended up volunteering to knit a sample for the holiday display, so that was whipped out last week as well. (Say whipped week well five times fast. I dares ya.)

The pattern is Berroco’s Snowflake. The yarn is some kind of wool provided by the yarn shop (sans ball band, and I don’t recognize it). And while I know that it’s a lovely golden color, I cannot get Frank Zappa out of my head. All week, all I can think is, “Watch out where the huskies go/And don’t you eat that yellow snow,” and then I feel bad for spoiling a beautiful holiday ornament with thoughts of urine.


2 Responses to “Quicknits”

  1. orata Says:

    That last sentence is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever read on a knitting blog.

  2. wazzuki Says:

    I absolutely love the yoda headgear!

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