Meta post: Maude is now easier to download

Thank heavens, eh?  I completely and totally fail at WordPress, because I hadn’t even realized I could host my PDF here, instead of at that random awful place that made it difficult to get a copy.  I know a lot of people have had trouble downloading Maude Louise, but hopefully that is at an end.  There’s a new link in the sidebar and a new link in the original post.  And now you can click from here to get to the Maude download.  Once there, you can click on the picture of the PDF or on the sentence below it to download the pattern.  Whew.  Much better.

I’m still working on the Erin shrug pattern and on Arthemis, but I’ve been sort of down and depressed in the last couple of months, and I’ve cut out work on most things that don’t need to be done immediately, so they’ll be slow.  I’m truly almost done with Erin, but I just haven’t found the time to scan in my charts and fix them up.  Sorry – I’m the slowest pattern writer on the planet, I think.  I appreciate your patience with me, though.

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