There they are, all stacked up – the finished holiday gifts so far, with a few more to come. I actually still have some ends to sew in on some of these, or linings to place, but the knitting part of each of these is done, and I figure I’ll try to have a finishing night for myself sometime soon.

It’s November. I like November. It’s autumnal and crisp, and here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s not really cold, but it’s not too warm, either. It starts becoming appropriate to have a pleasant mug of hot apple cider, even if it’s still sunny most of the time. The autumn and winter rainy season makes everything green. For some reason, my yard has filled with shamrocks: tall, three leaved shamrocks. Eventually we’ll need to get in there and get the yard sorted, but for now the shamrocks, if not tidy and well ordered, are pleasant company.

Gabriel found a sycamore leaf on the way home from school today, and when the light shines through it just so, it’s really lovely.

The kids have been pretty companionable with each other lately. A typical scene, as discovered by Mr. Kninja:

We had a really positive IEP meeting yesterday, as well, and that’s taken a huge weight off my mind. I’m still a little down, but it’s harder to stay in a funk when you don’t have as many worries encroaching upon you. I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned it in this blog, since it’s not knitting related and all, but Liam, my younger son, is on the autism spectrum, and there’s a lot of work and worry involved in dealing with his schooling. We’re terribly fortunate this year in having a wonderful responsive and caring school district, but it’s still true that a lot of my stress has been related to Liam and school. The IEP (the most recent in an ongoing series of these meetings) really helped a lot. It’s wonderful to see how supported and cared for Liam is. He’s still going to have his bad days, but the constant stress that marked his first school year is gone.

Since I’m feeling a little more relaxed, I’m going to have a silly and fun day and, unsolicited, make a list of gift ideas for the knitter in your life. Mostly because it’s fun to shop around, even when it’s not for me. I don’t enjoy actually going out and shopping, but the web makes shopping fun for introverts who fear crowds.

So, without further ago, ten gift ideas for knitters, from simple to fancy.

1. I often see Kidsilk Haze put out there as a default gift for a knitter, and while it’s true that it’s lovely stuff, I’m going to go a different route and suggest a skein or two of ShibuiKnits Sock. It’s soft superwash merino, and it comes in really magnificent colors, and sock yarn can be put to a lot of non-sock uses for those who don’t want to knit socks.

2. Morehouse Farm has a lot of amazing patterns and kits, but their dragon scarf really leapt out at me. It looks like a very fun knit and a very fun wear, and it comes in four dragony colors.

3. Lantern Moon makes some of the most luxurious and beautiful knitting needles on the market. A pair would probably make a knitter’s day.

4. Back on yarns, Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere is about the most glorious looking stuff. Good heavens! A single skein will make a pair of Wine and Roses Mitts from Interweave.

5. There are pattern books galore, but Kim Hargreaves’ new book Heartfelt would be a fabulous gift for a female knitter. The patterns are classic, elegant, and straightforward – perfect for a beginner or someone with more experience.

6. A Rowan membership would be another great gift, ensuring delivery of two Rowan magazines a year. The word magazine is misleading in this case: Rowan’s magazines are large, durable, and are essentially books. While still aimed mostly at a female audience, Rowan also has far more appealing patterns for menswear than most knitting venues. Membership also comes with a gift and access to two free patterns a month, as well as access to the Rowan fora.

7. Knitters need needles, and Knitpicks’ Options are sharp, comfortable to use, durable, and to top it off, reasonably priced.

8. For the lace knitter in your life, a one pound cone of Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool-Silk would make an excellent gift that would last for a long time. A cone has about 5040 yards of yarn, and it comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors. I’ve touched this yarn, and it has a beautiful feel – warm, but smooth and soft.

9. There’s a variety of stylish knitting bags out there, but I think my personal favorite is the Namaste Jetsetter.

10. It’s not a cheap gift by any means, but should you wish to wow a knitter, the best gift I personally can think of is a subscription to Sundara Yarn’s Seasons Club. Six months of luxury yarns in beautiful seasonal colors, delivered to your door. The mind boggles. However, at $52 a month for a six month minimum, this is a luxury gift that should be saved for someone really, really special.

So that was fun. I don’t always get to go fantasy shopping and pretend I’m doing it for good reason. Oh, did I just type that? Um, no. That was no fun at all. I had a miserable time, but I do it all for you, the reader.

Seriously, though, I hope that my list is helpful, and that the price ranges spanned are also helpful. I know I have a hard time finding gifts for people sometimes, and seeing lists by interests has helped me in the past. I hope your November is going well!

I’ll leave you with a peek at one of the many, many projects on the needles right now. The stitch pattern is so beautiful that I can’t help plugging away at this thing, but man, it is a pain in the rear to knit.

4 Responses to “Presents”

  1. Cupcake Says:

    What a great list of presents! I’m saving this as a reference! Thank you

  2. Tracy Says:

    Thanks for the list of suggestions! I need to forward this to my husband. I’m really getting into socks and lace, so those suggestions are great ideas!

  3. Jen M Says:

    I second your recommendation of Morehouse’s dragon scarf – I made it for a friend, and I giggled the entire time I was knitting just because it is so darn cute! And, making the pointy things on its back is very clever and fun.

  4. Andrea Says:

    You have helped me find a knitting gift for my sister! She just started knitting socks and I’m going to get her some of that gorgeous sock yarn.

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