Something’s blocking…

Drying like the wind!

I was uber smart and went out and bought a zipper before I blocked the jacket, which is why I am now the proud owner of a too short purple zipper.  The jacket definitely grew after its bath – no bad thing, that, since I want the girlchild to get lots of wear out of it.  Bad news for the useless zipper, though, which will be taking up residence in my small sewing cabinet with an array of other hopefuls and might-have-beens.

I’m not 100% happy with my striping on this sucker.  I think I should have used more blue, and that I should have maybe even added a few more colors.  Overall, though, it’s a success.  The little hood look so freaking cute on Nora, and it fits and will wear for at least two seasons.  It’s warm and soft, and it’s in Nora’s favorite colors.   The Rowanspun is a little finer and softer than the Yorkshire Tweed, and it has a different character, but I like it a lot.  This is good, since, at last count, if I include the yarn that went into this jacket, I have 57 skeins of the stuff in various colors.

EZ’s instructions on this one were harder for me to follow than on the seamless hybrid.  I think that was more my own preconceived ideas of what I’d need to do than anything else, though, because once I was actually knitting, it always became clear.  My gauge was smaller than is ideal, so I cast on a number of extra stitches, and I had to do a lot of math adjustment accordingly.  You may remember that I was worried about this, but the pattern turns out to be very open to change, unlike many people.

So I’ll definitely have a Tomten to give to the girlchild this Christmas, which is good, and I’m done with straight garter stitch for a little while, which is also good.

In the category of handknits in action, I snapped a picture of Eleanor stepping out in her beret, which she’s been wearing a lot lately.   It’s nice and warm, and that Malabrigo is so so soft.  I had imagined that it would be similar to Manos del Uruguay, which is a little scratchy, but it’s pure blissful softness.  I imagine we’ll be dealing with pills soon enough, but hey – that’s what my new sweater comb is for.


One Response to “Something’s blocking…”

  1. whitknits Says:

    Yay, the Tomten! I think it looks great. Eleanor looks adorable in that beret…and I really love those shoes. I’m such a sucker for cute shoes on little feet.

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