All the holidays

Festive, no? I can’t show you the many gifts I’m currently finishing up (and I accidentally sent one off without photographing it, anyway) so here are a few miters.

I found myself with a bunch of little short ends and yarn leftovers, and as I was puzzling over what to do with them, it hit me that a blanket of mitered squares might be just the ticket. And it is. Many of these little yarn ends aren’t even enough to edge a baby jacket, but they’re enough to form a little bit of a square.

It won’t be a quick or steady project. I’m just using it to eat up my yarn ends, and the supply varies, as does the color and weight of the yarn in question. It appeals to me on many levels, though. The frugality of the project and visual similarity to quilt blocks makes me think of Laura Ingalls and Ma and prairie practicality. At the same time, the fact that the leftovers are mostly from luxury yarns, the wild colors and patterns, and the silliness of using fingering and sport weight yarns to make a quilt makes me think of bubbling champagne, Zelda Fitzgerald, and the tension between the practical and the frivolous in modern hand knitting. It’s not an art project, but it’s verging on one.

It’s full swing into the holiday season here, and I’m feeling a similar pull between festivity and gloom. I like the holiday season a lot, actually. I love gift giving, and I love lights and winter clothes (such as they are in a temperate climate) and warm beverages and soups. I love all of this, but I cannot love winter, because I do not like darkness or deadlines or the fact that I get sick around this time every year. We have the promise of a stressful January as well now, and I’ve come down with something ugly that could spoil our plans to drive down to L.A. for Christmas. It’s settled in my chest and head and makes me crabby and tired and wheezy.

But I still love the holidays. Even the word holiday makes me feel happy. Hopefully that happiness will override the stress of the season.

And this week I can show you a now blocking February baby sweater! Yay!


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