If you wanna be happy

Pattern: Drops Jacket 103-1 Ravelry link
Yarn: Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky in Peat
Ravelry Link
Size Made: S
Yardage: 660 yds.
Modifications: I had trouble understanding the instructions for the sleeve caps and fudged them.

Sometimes, popularity is a bewildering riot of crazy. Sometimes Titanic is a big hit, or women decide to spray their bangs straight up with Aqua Net, or Crocs become haute couture. Sometimes the world goes collectively mad and we all just have to hang on for the ride.

And then here are things that are popular for a clear reason, like ice cream and puppies and this jacket.

I love it. Love it! It was fast, easy to make (save the sleeve cap confusion, but that worked out just fine anyway), and it’s warm and comfortable. The yarn is delightful, and the jacket makes me feel so adorable. I could not stop grinning enough to look dignified for these photos.

Happy doesn’t even have dignity’s phone number.

Now I just need to get a fabulous vintage bicycle with a basket, a kerchief, and rockin’ sunglasses in an extra wee size (I have a toddler sized head. Shuddup.) and I’ll be set.

It’s starting to get warm for the first time in ages today, but I’m so far refusing to remove my jacket.


12 Responses to “If you wanna be happy”

  1. Sue Says:

    Wow! What a fabulous jacket…and adorable photos of YOU! I’m thinking that moms would love this jacket, too! If it’s a quick knit, maybe Mother’s Day would be the perfect time for a gift such as this! Hee,hee…
    P.S. Grinning becomes you.

  2. orata Says:

    Oh my god, so cute! I love it!

  3. amanda Says:

    What a cute jacket – it really looks great on you. I agree that this pattern is popular for a good reason!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Standing ovation! The yarn is a perfect color for you, and you *do* look adorable in your new jacket! I love it. I want to go make one right now. This is such a better craze than AquaNet or Crocs.

    And now can we talk about my jealousy of the sunshine and greenery in your corner of the world? My yard is a mud pit with last year’s mostly-expired plants swooning dramatically onto the patio in their death throws like consumptive heroines in the opera. The only green stuff is the moss eagerly sprouting all over the brickwork. I have to go out there tomorrow in my raincoat and galoshes and try to do some pruning and composting. Ugh.

  5. Jen M Says:

    Very cute, and I love the color! Don’t worry, the current sunshine is only to sucker you into thinking spring is right around the corner, so it can start raining as soon as you are outside with sandals on 😉 Plenty of cardi weather left!

  6. kae Says:

    Wow! That turned out great.. and you sure do look happy in it! 🙂

  7. wazzuki Says:

    it looks gorgeous! I love its swinginess. Great colour too – suits you tremendously.

  8. Cotton Deer Says:

    Fabulous job! The style suits you perfectly and the yarn is a great color. I love it.

  9. Amanda Says:

    That is absolutely amazing! I must make my own!

  10. rachel Says:

    It’s totally cute on you. I’m rethinking that Rowan Harris Chunky I left behind at the LYS sale, only because I had no clue what to do with it.

  11. Christi Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I would love to learn how to do something so useful! I have been missing you!

  12. yellowwarbler Says:

    You look great in it! I hope mine will turn out just as cute!

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