Spring, sprang, sprung!

I hate to cast aspersions on any large rodent, but Punxsutawney Phil, you sir, are a liar. Signs of spring are everywhere. We took a long walk today down by the creek and saw signs of new plant life everywhere we turned. The snowdrops are opening their lovely faces. Trees are blossoming. Whatever a guileful Scuirid might say, Spring has arrived in Northern California.

With it has arrived a season of changes for the Kninja family. I’d like to promise you that I won’t descend into another orgy of self pity as I did in my last post, but the fact is, Mr. Kninja has taken a job in Los Angeles for the next two months, and I’m a light shade of blue. He’s promised to come back every weekend that he can, but I remain skeptical of the feasibility of that plan. We shall see.

He leaves tomorrow, and I’m missing him already. I know I’m a big wussy wussface, but it does seem pretty daunting to be without him. I’m reminding myself that it’s a good career opportunity, that it’s not for too long, that many women suffer long partings from their husbands all the time, but it’s not convincing me to suck it up. I’m also hoping that the children are merciful in this period.

(There has been some complaint from a party who shall remain nameless that this is an unflattering picture. I think it is a sweet picture, but will include the disclaimer that Mr. Kninja is truly much handsomer in real life.)

We got some pictures of the new hat today. No other pictures as yet…the camera is being a temperamental beast, and I felt it would be unwise to push my luck. You’ll have to stay tuned for the crocheted fish and the fauve mitts and the rest. I’m still very pleased with this hat. Super comfy, and I like the way the Autumn Forest Malabrigo looks in seed stitch. (The pattern is Le’ Slouch from Knit and Tonic.)

I do not like pictures of myself lately. I think I look like a smirking weirdo. Apparently it’s a family trait (the feeling of looking like a weirdo, not actually looking like a weirdo), given the complaint noted above. Anyhoo, that said, I felt cute while I was wearing this hat, regardless of how weird I think I look in the photos of said hat.

Here are a few more pictures from our walk today.

She was worrying about the economy.




7 Responses to “Spring, sprang, sprung!”

  1. theLady Says:

    Ouch, I know how the long-distance thing is – hope it goes by quickly and easily for you! Sweet looking kids, they couldn’t possibly act up could they? 🙂

  2. Justine Says:

    I know about the separation for work thing – my husband goes away to China for a month twice a year. Like you, I know it’s good for his career, but it’s still hard. Hope it goes fast!

    Beautiful spring photos are your kids are lovely!

  3. whitney Says:

    You have all my sympathy on the long-distance thing…I honestly don’t know how people manage it, it’s hard when my husband is away for just a week!

    I’m loving the spring photos, they’re just what I need…spring has definitely not sprung here in Upstate NY.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Oh, I *am* sorry Mr. Kninja has to go so far for so long! I hope you have good friends or relatives or somebody who can come and help out sometimes – maybe stay with the kiddos for an evening so you can get out now and then. It’s tough enough to be missing your partner without the challenges of single parenthood on top! I hope the Kninjini will understand how helpful extra cooperation might be for their excellent mother. I’ll be thinking of you!

    Thanks for the cheery spring photos, too. We started having daffodils last week; this weekend they’ve been joined by violets and the first of the star magnolia blossoms is cracking open.

  5. Michaela Says:

    What beautiful spring pictures! I’m so jealous of your photographic abilities! (I’m going to keep blaming mine on my crappy camera.)

    My husband travels a lot for work too and it’s definitely not fun. It does make the time that he’s here sweeter though. Luckily I only have to dogs to look after, though.

  6. Sue Says:

    I am happy to report that Mr. Kninja is faring well and is a thoroughly pleasant houseguest! He does, however, miss Mrs. Kninja and the kidlets very, very much…I hope the time passes quickly for all of you!

  7. RobinH Says:

    Ouch, good luck with the single-handed kid-wrangling. I expect you will be busy. Though if you *did* have any spare time, this would be the perfect time to knit a Christmas surprise.

    I don’t actually want to send my husband anywhere, but I’d be okay if he decided to say, bowl, a night a week. (We both married quite late, and after 19 years of living alone? The constant togetherness thing is kind of an adjustment.)

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