Sorry ’bout that. I up and disappeared there.

So, basically, it went like this. Mr. Kninja took off for the wilds of So Cal and took our shiny new computer with him. And my computer went ahead and instantly croaked. So I’ve been mostly computerless (though a kind friend did loan me a computer, but it couldn’t really handle WordPress very well) and all the way busy. It’s amazing how very, very much work it can be just to take care of three children and keep a house from devolving into chaos. I always feel so incompetent when it takes me all day to accomplish really simple tasks that a complete fool could handle with ease, and at the end of it, I’m feeling proud of myself for having managed to do dishes and laundry, as though it in any way fulfilled me or as though it’s anything that other people don’t handle every day.

No computer, incidentally, meant no form of electronic entertainment. We don’t own a television, and I tossed my stereo, which was big and clunky and not in good shape, when I realized that we were only listening to iTunes or last.fm or Pandora. So no electronic entertainment, and I don’t own a car right now, so I got to be a sort of unwilling Mennonite. I suppose the knitting was very apropos, though, and I have done quite a lot of it in the last few weeks. And I reread all my least informative novels and fun to read nonfiction and thought a great deal.

It’s Malabrigo March, and with that in mind, I decided to go ahead and use up the Malabrigo in my stash. It’s just a good excuse to buy more in future clear out space. Yes, clear out space. I also had my mother’s birthday to think of. Some of you may have noticed this comment, from a certain mysterious “Sue”, on my entry about my Drops jacket:

Wow! What a fabulous jacket…and adorable photos of YOU! I’m thinking that moms would love this jacket, too! If it’s a quick knit, maybe Mother’s Day would be the perfect time for a gift such as this! Hee,hee…
P.S. Grinning becomes you.

It’s nice when you have a direct clue about what someone might like. I spent a great deal of time poring over Ravelry, trying to find the perfect yarn for a jacket for Mom, only to discover that I’d had the right one in my stash all along. I bought a cone of some random bouclé on Ebay some years back, and have never quite figured out what to do with it since. It’s very pretty, a fingering weight yarn with a myriad of colors that add up to a sort of soft greyish brown at a distance. I swatched and found that if I held four strands together, I’d get gauge. So Swing Coat the Second was born. I don’t recommend doubling (or quadrupling) bouclé as any regular thing, but it did work, though the yarn had a galling habit of sticking to itself and to the already knit fabric. This meant it was slower going than the first coat, but I was able to send a completed jacket down with Mr. Kninja just after Mom’s birthday.

I don’t have any pictures, though. I just sent it off as soon as it was done.

I do, however, have pictures of the Malabrigo bounty. None of it is modeled, but you can at least see that I’ve been making things.

There’s a lot, so I’ll just stick a mess of pictures in, say what they are, and expand in a future post. I still have something I wanted to ask of all you wise folk.

A hat for Liam.

Tudora, before I put a button on it. Looks much cooler when worn.

I finally got a picture of Mr. Kninja’s insane Axel Mitts!

A Koolhaas hat made of my impulse purchase of therapy Malabrigo. The color is crazy, but irresistable. My camera doesn’t do the loopy, glowing green any kind of justice.

Look! Crochet! This is the Ruffle Cravat from One Skein. I can be my own nemesis.

See? Not perfect, but I love it.

And this is the lace pattern I made up. I’m making a scarf now, and then I’ll make a shawl, and there will eventually be a pattern for both. Eventually. We all know how not-quick I am at these things.

So, I know this is turning into something very long and disorganized, but I have to tell you that the insane green Malabrigo is called Apple Green.  Have you ever seen a less apt name?  If I met an apple in that color I would be entirely alarmed.  The whole time I was knitting with it, most appropriate names kept flowing through my mind.  Cactus Jelly.  Life on Mars.  Poisonous Caterpillar.  Electric Quince.   Glow in the Dark Spaceship.  It’s a glorious, noisy, happy color, but it’s not something I can really associate with apples.  I am not sure it’s in particularly good taste, but I don’t care.  I’m going to be the most chartreuse person on the block next winter.

So, we come to my question.  Mr. Kninja bought me a present down in L.A.  He stopped by Knit Cafe and picked up two glorious skeins of Yorkshire Tweed Chunky (don’t I just have a marvelous sweetheart?) in Coast, a perfect steel blue.  I still have four skeins of the brown Scottish Tweed Chunky, which adds up to six skeins of beautiful thick tweedy wool, even in colors that go together.  Six skeins is as many as it took me to make my Drops Jacket, so there’s clearly enough here for something, but what?  Should I purchase another couple of skeins of chunky tweed and make a striped cozy sweater?  Should I find something to do with what I’ve got?  What would you do with an unexpected tweed windfall?

Whew.  It’s good to be back.  I’ve missed this.


5 Responses to “Hiya!”

  1. Sarianna Says:

    Y’know, apples of pretty much that exact insane colour happen to be my favourites. 😀

    Wonderful FOs.

  2. whitney Says:

    Apple Green Malabrigo…that’s what I used for the contrast color on my girlified Cobblestone sweater! I absolutely adore the crazypants neon greenness of it, but yeah, I’m not so sure I’d want to eat an apple if it had that color.

  3. Michaela Says:

    WOW! Three kids and no electronic entertainment or a car?! How are you still sane enough to form complete sentences?

    I bet your hands are tired from all the knitting. It all looks great, though! Congrats on the crochet!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Heh, sounds like the genesis of my Blue Thistle Jacket – Coast may even be the actual color of the cabled front panel, and I certain had enough of my second skein left over to have done the hem in that color, too…

    So I think you should go nuts and make up something wild with your tweed!

  5. TheHMC Says:

    I have no suggestions in regards to what you should make, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something fabulous. I love this blog! I wish I could do all of that but I’m barely schooled in crochet. One day, one day I’ll be able to join the ranks.

    I Wish we could get rid of our TV.

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