Items of note

* I went to Color today and took a beginning spinners’ class!  Many, many thanks to my friend DarlingFloy for lending me a drop spindle.  I’m still dithering about which kind to buy, but taking the class has taught me that I want a rather lightweight spindle, with a top whorl, and that spinning is a lot easier when you’re not using a CD spindle.  I got some good recommendations for spindles a while back, but I’m slow on the uptake.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I got carried away and purchased some fibers to try out.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

There were few vendors, but that made for a cozy, intimate, and unintimidating event.  And all of the vendors had lovely stuff, so all the better!

I’ve long admired the ads for A Verb for Keeping Warm on Ravelry, and their real life products exceed even their creative name and beautiful logo.  The colors are subtle and elegant, and they have some really interesting fibers.

Pigeonroof Studios was also there, and the yarns I saw were very beautiful, though it looks like nearly everything was sold before I arrived.

I’m oddly tempted by the moustache products from Girl on the Rocks.  They also had pretty stitch markers, needle books, and knitting needle cases, but it was the moustaches that nearly claimed my pocketbook.  I’m waiting, though, because I think I need a better reason to buy than, “But they’re moustaches!”

Finally, my actual purchases were from Tactile Fiber Arts.  Brooke taught the class I took, and I really liked the wool we used – Finn wool, which is long staple, and very soft – so I bought more of it.  I also found myself walking away with some irresistibly soft baby camel/silk fiber, which I’ll have to wait until I’m a more capable spinner to use.   No pictures yet, because I can’t get the bloody camera to take pictures that show any hue other than black.  (You may remember that I have had this problem before.  It is a moody camera.)  As cool and gothy as these pictures are, they rather fail as pictures, so we’ll wait until the camera has a change of heart, or until I stop being too cheap to buy a new camera.

* I started a group a little while back on Ravelry.  It’s called Color Coordinated, and it’s about color theory.  If you’re at all interested, I’d love for you to join.  Already, some interesting discussions and ideas have been sparked.  The most interesting idea to me is the link between language and color perception; the idea that how we perceive color is linked to what we name it.  A rose by any other name would not be as pink – that is, if the language in question has not divided color in such a way as to have a separate term for the rose tint.  What this means in relation to the various poetic names that we give to colors of lipstick or yarn or paint is not entirely clear to me, but it’s something I’d like to think on a bit more.

I’m stuck on a color again this season.  Do you remember how last summer, all I could think about was a bright leafy green?  This spring it’s gold.  All hues and shades of gold.  I don’t own much golden yarn, but it’s the color that’s stuck in my head and can’t get out.  I’m thinking that the colors that get stuck in my head are likely influenced by what’s growing.  Last summer, it was the roadside forests that got me stuck on green.  This spring, the new leaves are almost golden in color.  Yellow flowers are everywhere.  The sun is turning everything bright, and it all just screams for something bright to reflect it all back.  Anyone else have seasonal color cravings?

* On a similar note, I’ve been a member of COLOURlovers for some time now, and I wanted to recommend it to other knitters as a good place to see how certain colors work together before buying yarn or beginning a project.  I’m Jejune Ennui on there, should you wish to drop me a line.

* Nancy McCarroll has a really neat article about complementary colors.  Check it out!

* I found this story on the BBC’s website about a man who knits nets to prevent items from being blown out of recycling vans.  Go knitting!

* The Yarn Harlot was right.  Spring is conducive to Starteritis.  More and more projects keep leaping onto my needles.  I don’t think I’m going to finish all of them this season.

3 Responses to “Items of note”

  1. Cyn Says:

    I hate you.

    Now that Alpaca Silk at A Verb for Keeping Warm is begging me to buy it, and I am on a strict yarn diet so I will have to ignore its pleading calls. Sob, sniff. I blame you for this!

  2. expatknits Says:

    Yay for spinning! I’ve just started myself, and I love it. My first spindles are Bosworths, excellent light-to-medium weight spindles that have a beginner-friendly, long spin time. I find that spinning has made me much more aware of colour, actually. Just this weekend I bought Deb Menz’ Color in spinning. I’ve just started reading it, and it’s an amazing resource. I’m already planning numerous spinning projects in my mind.

  3. Tracy Says:

    Spinning sounds like so much fun. It’s something that I definitely want to try at some point.

    About color: I am using my stash of vintage acrylic to make log cabin baby blankets for charity. I have been playing around with color combos and have found it quite interesting. Right now I am working on a monochromatic pink blanket. It’s very interesting how some colors go well together, but add a third color and they clash.

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