Yarn is stretchy!

And I’m seeing the advantage in that lately.  After over eight years of being underweight, I finally gained to a point where I think I’m healthier, and I’m very pleased.  But I hadn’t thought out my plan far enough to realize that putting on weight would mean that none of my clothes would fit me.  My wardrobe has compressed severely in the last few weeks.  Pants that I’ve been wearing comfortably for years suddenly do not fit over my hips.  It’s one of those mixed blessings.  I’ve been wanting to put on weight for years, and now I finally do when my budget isn’t ready to accommodate the purchase of the new wardrobe I find myself needing.

This had me a little worried about the sweater I was knitting and nearly done with.  My Joelle’s Favorite Yoke Sweater was close to coming off the needles, and I feared that my choices to make it smaller than the pattern allowed for would prove to be foolish in the extreme.  I had forgotten one thing, though.  Yarn is stretchy!  My sweater was finished last week, and it fits perfectly, weight gain notwithstanding.  Hooray for wool!

The Dream in Color, by the way, is amazing stuff.  I bought two skeins for this project, and I have close to half a skein leftover.  It’s comfortable against the skin, and it moves very fast on the needles.  It’s a good, wearable weight, and it breathes well.  And of course, the colors are fantastic.  I’ll be making another Dream in Color sweater before too long, I’m sure.  The price of the yarn is excellent when you consider how much yarn you get for your buck.  I could easily have made the sweater with three quarter length sleeves with just two skeins.

I don’t yet have pictures, but I’m planning on borrowing a camera to show off my finery.  It’s nice to have a new sweater, or really, a new shirt, and the lightweight wool really is perfect for the Bay Area.


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5 Responses to “Yarn is stretchy!”

  1. expatknits Says:

    Congrats on the weight gain! Being comfortable with your weight is such an important part of feeling good and being healthy.

    I can’t wait to see the sweater. I keep hearing good things about Dream in Color.

  2. orata Says:

    I can’t wait to see photos of your DIC sweater. Was it Smooshy? Classy? Sneezy? I’m glad your weight is closer to where you want it to be–and that the sweater still fits. Hurray for knitting!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I’m thinking maybe you should knit a skirt to solve your lower-body wardrobe problems! Congrats on getting healthy – can’t wait to see the sweater somehow. I’m praying for the miraculous recovery of your camera!

  4. whitney Says:

    As someone who has hovered between underweight and somewhat stocky depending on how sickly I am, I can totally relate. It always seems like the change in weight I’m hoping to have comes at a time when my budget can’t accommodate new clothing. Congrats on your weight gain all the same, though! 🙂

    Yay for stretchy knitting! Can’t wait to see your Dream in Color sweater.

  5. the Lady Says:

    I’ll have to try a sweater in Smooshy – it seems to be pretty amazing for such knits.

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