Spring green and vain

Pattern: Joelle’s Favorite Yoke Sweater
Ravelry link:
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy
Needles: U.S. size 2 24″ circulars (Susan Bates, I think) and Knitpicks dpns, also U.S. size 2
Size made: XS, with modifications to be extra smaller
Yardage: Guessing, but about 750 yards
Modifications: Smaller needles than called for, waist darts, garter ridges around waist ribbing.

I am in love with this sweater. It rode up during the photo shoot, apparently, but be assured that in meat space, the waist actually sits on the waist, and the fit and feel are marvelous. I was a bit concerned about the idea of what is, essentially, a wool tee shirt, but the fingering weight yarn means it’s not too warm most of the time, and the fact that it’s wool means it actually counts for something when it gets cool. I may need more wool tee shirts.

I stupidly didn’t move my hair aside and so you can’t see the short row shaping on the shoulders, but it’s there and useful. Better fit and all.

On an entirely vain note, pulling back my hair for the pictures revealed just how grey I’m getting around the temples, and I think I actually really dig my grey streaks. The fact that they are streaks is rather appealing, and I have to say that if it continues this way, I think I’ll be a pretty kick ass old lady. Of course, it’s probably ultimately a bad sign for my hair color that I’m this grey and not yet thirty, but I can live with that if I get wicked looking long grey locks out of it.

I had a lot of random thoughts I was going to include here, but I’m sleepy, and this is just supposed to be pictures that I promised earlier, so I’ll save the random for later.


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10 Responses to “Spring green and vain”

  1. expatknits Says:

    Stunning! You look really, really good. That’s a bold colour choice, and it paid off. Wonderful.

  2. orata Says:

    It looks fabulous on you! I love the color and the fit.

  3. orata Says:

    P.S. The yoke in the book looked pretty puckery, but yours seems to lie very flat.

  4. whitney Says:

    That’s a gorgeous sweater! That green looks absolutely amazing on you.

  5. Tracy Says:

    That looks great!

  6. the Lady Says:

    Wow, that looks excellent!

    Oh, ps – I tagged you for a meme if you feel so inclined. Les details sont chez moi.

  7. Sarah Says:

    I love it! It’s going to look terrific over long-sleeved shirts in the fall, too. And good for you for planning in advance to rock the grey hair. You totally will. Plus grey streaks will take dye extra well if you decide to go punk in middle age.

  8. Philippa Says:

    What a handsome T-shirt. I think it will look great under a cardigan when the weather turns again… or maybe I just think that because I love cardigans alarmingly much. Anyway, whether you wear it underneath or atop something, I think you can enjoy it year-round!

    I love grey hairs in dark hair. They look like a badge of wisdom, somehow.

  9. Philippa Says:

    Oh, does this mean you have a new camera?

  10. pamela wynne Says:

    ohhh, I LOVE this! the color! the fit! it’s just perfect.

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