Holy pattern love, Batman!

That’d be the February Lady Sweater, by Pam at Flint Knits!  Gorgeous, no?  I lust after the gorgeous Sundara yarn she used to make it no less than the sweater itself.  Wowsa.


5 Responses to “Holy pattern love, Batman!”

  1. expatknits Says:

    Yeah, I just queued that myself. I find myself wondering, though, if that sweater, gorgeous though it is, would look anywhere near as nice without the Sundara yarn. That semisolid really lends itself to simple lace patterns. I’ve had the same thought about Grumperina and Brooklyn Tweed projects knit in Sundara yarn. Too bad she’s just discontinued this yarn – with this pattern’s popularity, she could have sold masses!

  2. Philippa Says:

    I’ve wanted to make a February Me-Sweater ever since I bought the EZ Almanac three years ago, and now everyone seems to be making them! Clearly, I’m ahead of the game, if only I could get there myself 🙂

  3. orata Says:

    While I’m one of those people who queued it up immediately, I’m actually not sure if I like the garter raglan yoke–I love the look of the round yoke in the baby version.

  4. knittingmixtapes Says:

    Aww, I only have four. Guess my Friends aren’t as quick to the zeitgeist as some! 😛

    I think I prefer the original round garter yoke, too…someone (damn, can’t remember who!) made a lovely grey round-garter-yoke cardigan recently, without the gull-stitch lace: put the two together and voila!

  5. Kristen Says:

    I think subbing some Dream in Color Classy for the Sundara yarn would be a good choice.

    And yeah, the round yoke is pretty special, though I like this raglan version as well. Of course, I tend to like all of the stuff at Flint Knits – the colors are generally in my palette of favorites.

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