Bad day

We had a big scare with Eleanor yesterday, and I’m feeling the need to tell as many people as possible about it so that she can have as many people as possible rooting for her.  This isn’t a very organized post – I’m just going to copy and paste from the posts and emails I’ve put elsewhere.   It will probably sound familiar – we had a similar scare with Liam some time back.

It’s been a long, long day. Daniel was sick this past weekend, and this morning, Nora and I were sick, too. Luckily, she had a well child check up that I’d scheduled last month. Yay for coincidences. We went in, the check up went well, and sure enough, her lungs were a little congested, so they gave her a breathing treatment and gave me a prescription for an inhaler and a small spacer. I took those to the pharmacy and tried to hang out until the prescription was ready, but they kept extending the time, so I went home with Nora, who seemed pretty much OK. After we got home, though, she was very whiny and whimpery, and she wouldn’t eat her lunch, even when I tried to bribe her with a donut. I didn’t think too much of it, assuming she was just under the weather still. We picked up the boys and when we got home, she seemed very unwell, very whiny and whimpery again, and just off. I told her to go lie down, and she did. I got the boys set up with a movie and went to check on her. I couldn’t find her at first because she’d humped herself up under the covers. When I got very close to my bed, I saw this tiny white little face with the eyes half open and the mouth hanging open, and she wasn’t moving, and her chest was heaving like she was struggling to breathe. I said her name a number of times and she didn’t respond. That was one of the scariest things ever. Then I shook her arm a little and she made a small crying sound. She was able to respond to a few questions, but she just kept whimpering and then she fell asleep – sort of. She was still making little crying sounds. I called the doctor and they said to bring her right in.

We went back to the doctor’s office and she was grey and semi-conscious, and the doctor told me later that barely any air was moving in her lungs. She had a breathing treatment and it did very little. At that point, I was told she’d most likely be hospitalized. But then the doctors consulted together and decided that the most likely thing the hospital would do was give her more breathing treatments, so they decided to do it at the office. She had four in a row. By the end of the second, she could talk a little more and her eyes stayed open, but she was too weak to hold a small book and her skin was still cold. At the end of three, she could hold a toy and sit up. At the end of four, she was jittery and shaking, but she could stand up, and she was talking almost normally. Then she was given a shot of steroids – prednisone or cortisone, I can’t remember which. Then she threw up on Daniel, but she was essentially cheerful, so we were encouraged. We’re at home now, and she’s here, too, but it’s not over. The doctor bullied our insurance company into getting us a machine to give breathing treatments at home, and it should be delivered soon. We have to get up every three hours tonight and give her a treatment and tomorrow she goes back to the doctor. If anything gets worse, we have to go to the hospital.

And that’s where it stands. She’s gasping when she talks and she’s very very hyper, but otherwise OK right now. It seems to be her first asthma attack – she got Liam’s variety, which lies dormant and then springs with a vengeance. I’m not pleased. They both have the super dangerous kind, while Gabriel has consistently bad asthma on a day to day basis. Yay for genetics. There was some concern with pneumonia, but she seems to have responded well enough to the breathing treatments to rule that out.

I feel sort of sick and scared. She went downhill so fast, and the doctors said that while she should be OK, no one expected her to get so sick so fast to begin with so she needs extra attention and care. I seriously thought she was dying for a while there. I’ll update you as it goes on.


The machine arrived, and luckily she likes it better than the one at the doctor’s office. She was starting to gasp a little, but the machine definitely helped, and she’s hyper (for her) but breathing pretty well. Not perfectly, but heck, it’s breathing. The next treatment is at 11. I’m so tired, but I’m sure I’ll have no problem staying awake.

My house is a big huge mess, which was kind of embarrassing when the man came to set up the machine, but I guess that doesn’t matter. Man, I am so just burned out. I’m so glad I could hold it together when it was really bad, though. I didn’t want her to be scared or alone. Now I just feel so weak. I hope there are no more crises to necessitate strength for a while.


The best news so far: she just came in (the treatments give an adrenaline rush and she’s had a lot more than is usual for a person of her size, so she may be up most of the night) and when I asked how she feels, she said, “Much better.” Every other time I’ve asked her how she’s feeling today, she’s said, “Sick,” or “Bad,” or “Really bad.”


She’s a lot better this morning. Completely and totally insane on medication, but entirely cheerful. Her breathing still sounds a little off, but we’re repeating the treatments every three hours, and it’s definitely helping. She has an appointment at noon.

Sorry for the terseness – I am sick myself, and this hasn’t improved my situation. I’ll give a fuller reply soon.


So that’s where we are now.  If you could send some good thoughts in my little girl’s direction, I’d appreciate it.  She’s doing very well, but her breathing is still a little ragged, so I’m still nervous.  I’m sure she’ll be fine, but it’s been a terrible couple of days.  She’s currently having a tea party with her stuffed animals, which has to be a good sign, and she’s eating again and seems pretty happy.  It’s hard to feel secure, though, when she seemed mostly fine yesterday and got un-fine so fast.  Asthma runs in my family, but neither my siblings nor myself ever had it this bad, and I’m shocked at just how bad it can be.  And grateful to live in a time when medical treatment is so good.

13 Responses to “Bad day”

  1. expatknits Says:

    Oh no! Asthma can be so very scary. Rooting for you and your daughter.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Oh, poor little Nora! I’m glad she’s feeling better. That must have been so scary for you!

  3. inkandindigo Says:

    Poor girl! Asthma is nasty, especially when you’re younger. Hope she makes a full ecovery asap! x x

  4. emily Says:

    I’m so sorry that sounds absolutely awful. I hope she had an excellent tea party and I’m sending some good thoughts right now.

  5. Anna Says:

    Oh Kristen! How scary, poor Nora. I’m so glad to hear she’s doing better and I’ll be thinking of you.

  6. Sarah Says:

    You are all in my thoughts – sending fervent wishes toward Nora especially! Clear lungs and plenty of oxygen, little one! And some sleep for you once you’re sure she’s out of the woods.

    xo Sarah

  7. the Lady Says:

    How scary for you. I hope things clear up soon and well.

    Have your doctors addressed things like environment and nutrition?

  8. orata Says:

    Poor little Nora–my best wishes are with her, and I hope you are also feeling better soon.

  9. knitoneone Says:

    oh poor you and poor Nora—am so glad that things are getting better (I have a Nora too—and a brother named Liam!)

  10. wazzuki Says:

    I remember my first asthma attack very clearly – aged 3 – very, very scary. Thinking of Nora and all of you and hoping, Kristen, that you are looking after yourself too. x

  11. knittingmixtapes Says:

    A bad day, indeed! Sending lots of good healing wishes to your house; I think you all could use a few each!

    Hope tomorrow is better for you all!

  12. Kelsey Says:

    I am sorry about your daughter’s breathing trouble. You are a very inspirational mother I must say.

  13. kae Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I once found my younger sister struggling to breathe due to her asthma and it was without a doubt a very scary moment – one that you dealt very well with. Hope she continues to feel better, and best wishes your way 🙂

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